Volunteers of the Month: Shery Merritt and Paul Westlake

Julia D Volunteer of the Month

Paul and Shery are kitten foster heroes. If you’ve never taken care of a new litter of kittens, you probably have no idea how much work is involved. Especially if the mother is unable to care for them for some reason. But Paul and Shery step up and care for our youngest and most vulnerable charges.

They began volunteering for Last Hope in 2020 and prior to that they volunteered with other animal welfare organizations. In addition to caring for the kittens, they also help out at events, donate needed supplies, and are enrolled in the monthly donation program that helps bring funds into the organization.

When asked why they like volunteering at Last Hope they said, “Fostering kittens of all ages from newborn bottle babies to young adults fills our hearts.  Every morning, several times throughout the day and the last thing we do each day is play and socialize with these precious babies. It is truly our labor of love!” They admit it can be emotional letting them go to their forever homes but knowing they are going to good homes gives them joy. And, of course, it opens their home to take in more kittens!

We’re so lucky to have Shery and Paul on our team. They have helped so many kittens get a good start in life!