Cat of the Week: Loretta

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Loretta came to us with a litter of kittens. Once separated from her kittens after they were weaned, she started eating a lot – almost like she was afraid she wouldn’t know when her next meal would be. She did put on quite a bit of weight and as of April 2024, she is a good-sized girl at about 13 pounds. Thankfully she has come to realize food will always be given to her, so she isn’t behaving like she’s starving! Her fur coat is absolutely beautiful with darker tabby markings and tortoiseshell orange/tan coloring filtered throughout… which is affectionately called a ‘Torbie’ fur coat. She is estimated to be about two years old.

She is very playful once she gets comfortable with you and she purrs easily. She will do better in a home with no kittens but she has gotten along with adult cats in her foster home. She likes to run through a cat tunnel and chase balls and toy mice, chase after the ‘little red dot,’ and lay in a tall cat tree in front of a big window – way up at the very top – so she can see the outside world. Loretta also loves to bat the balls in a little 3-level round-about tower toy! Since the weather has gotten warmer, we have taken her outside on a harness and leash and she LOVES sitting on her foster mom’s deck to soak up the sunshine. She loves affection and enjoys laying in her foster’s arms and cuddling like a baby, and will love to sit on your lap. She absolutely LOVES to be brushed. Older kids would probably be best for her, and when she was out in the Petsmart Adoption Center, she absolutely hated dogs when they approached her window – so a home without a dog would be best for her.

Loretta’s adoption fee is $85 and includes spay surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, and a microchip with free lifetime registration.

If you’d like to meet this lover, please complete an adoption application HERE.

Dog of the Week: Vegas

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Vegas is an attention seeker! He will stay by your side and demand pets all day. He tends to be more cautious and shy when found in new areas or when handled by strangers, but once he is comfortable, he will show his more playful side. He has learned to play tug and fetch. He knows to sit before every meal and when taken on off-leash walks, he will stick by his foster mom’s side! Sometimes he likes to follow his brother into the trees but always returns quickly when called. Vegas finds joy in lying down and cooling off in the river when he gets too hot on walks. And, when walking on a leash, he pays no attention to other dogs barking at him from a distance and will walk at your pace!

Vegas is working on not jumping on people out of excitement so he would be best in a home with no young children. He is kennel-trained but does take some coaxing to get in there. He will stay quiet when kenneled unless spooked, but with the reassurance of his foster siblings, he will quiet back down quickly. Vegas would also be ok with a dog-savvy cat, but he does like to chase them when they run around, so a cat that is willing and able to correct his behavior would be best. Vegas is about 1 year old and has lots of love to share!

Vegas’ adoption fee is $250 and includes neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations and preventives, a microchip with free lifetime registration, and a free obedience class.

If you’d like to meet this best-bud, please complete an adoption application HERE.

Cats of the Week: Donatello and Raphael

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Raphael and Donatello are super active young almost adults. They can be very shy and a bit flighty in new situations and with new people, but they are talkative purr monsters and will love on you once they know you. We are still working on lap sitting, but they have bed sharing down solid. They started life outside for their first eight weeks and they have slowly adjusted to being confident house kitties. Now these two are living the cush inside life. Zoomies and toys, ball pits and cat towers, cardboard scratchers and hammocks. Oh and don’t forget the bird watching! All the things active boys love. Plus the endless supply of food and treats. Raphy and Donny are very good boys but they are still working on their confidence. They would love to have a patient parent in their forever home to help continue to build and purrfect their happiness.

The adoption fee for these two is $100 and includes neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, and microchips with free lifetime registration.

If you’d like two sweet kitties, please complete an adoption application HERE.

Dogs of the Week: Rolo and Millie

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Rolo (2-year-old neutered male) and Millie (1-year-old spayed female) make a terrific pair and are seeking one home together to fill with lots of Labrador love! This dynamic duo of purebred Chocolate Labradors is so friendly, eager to please, and easy to love! Rolo and Millie are definitely people-friendly, they’ve done great with on-leash introductions to other dogs and have been fine (dare we say timid even) with cats. The pair will easily meld into an active home and will enjoy an ample-sized yard to run and explore!

The adoption fee for this pair is $500.00 and includes spay/neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations and preventives, microchips, and a free obedience class.

If you want the friendliest pair around and would like to meet them, please complete an adoption application HERE.

Cat of the Week: Barbie

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Introducing Barbie! Barbie is a young kitty, just under a year old, with a spirit and personality as lively as a Barbie doll. She came into the rescue with her brothers Ken and Allan after getting pulled over in her Barbie Jeep. She has since been living in a multi-cat setting and enjoys having the company of other feline friends. Barbie loves attention and cuddles but also likes to explore and watch what is going on while perched up on a tall surface. Barbie is an energetic, smart, and playful kitty searching for a home that will keep her enriched and adore all her antics and curiosity!

Barbie’s adoption fee is $100 and includes spay surgery, being up to date on preventives, and a microchip with free lifetime registration.

If you’d like to meet this absolute doll, please complete an adoption application HERE.

Dog of the Week: Eros

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Eros is a young male pitbull mix that came to Last Hope due to overcrowding in a local city shelter. He is a terrific dog with an easy-going laid-back demeanor that will work well in a family home! He has lived with young children easily and seems to very much enjoy the company of other dogs.  He especially enjoys other small to medium-sized dog playmates and will happily prance around his new home with a securely fenced-in backyard! Eros is potty-trained and kennel trained, he is working on perfecting his leash-walking skills.  Eros loves to be by your side and seeks out affection.

Eros’ adoption fee is $250 and includes neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations and preventives, a microchip with free lifetime registration, and a free obedience class.

If you’d like to meet Eros, please complete an adoption application HERE.

Volunteer of the Month: Katie Hoover

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When Katie Hoover was told she was chosen as Volunteer of the Month for May, she said, “I am *just* a foster for dogs.” There is no *just* about it! Foster homes are the heart and soul of Last Hope. Most of our pets live in foster homes until they find their forever homes and the fosters make sure the pets feel loved while they wait. They provide some training and socialization, both of which are so important for pets to be success stories in their forever homes.

Along with Katie fostering dogs comes getting them to vet appointments, potty training, and teaching them tricks and manners. Some of these dogs have never been in a home setting so we depend a lot on Katie and our other fosters to teach them the things they need to know.

Katie found out about Last Hope because her sister, Jill, had made a memorial donation to LHAR in honor of Katie’s dog, Cooper who passed away after 16 amazing years together. Last Hope stayed on her radar after that and in 2022 she saw a post looking for new foster homes so we could take in a litter of puppies.

When asked why she likes to foster she said, “My favorite thing about fostering is giving each foster a home environment where they can blossom in their own time and feel safe and loved while they wait for their forever home. I also love getting updates from their new families!”

Katie works hard to provide a wonderful environment for our dogs and we couldn’t do it without her and our other fosters! Thank you, Katie, for making sure the dogs of Last Hope have successful transitions and feel so loved in the meantime.

Cat of the Week: Jessa

Julia D Cat of the Week

Jessa is a young, long haired tortoiseshell kitty and is a perfect combination of sugar and spice – with a touch of harmless “tortitude” but also soft-spoken sweetness, too. She was found outside in late winter as a youngster – cold, thin, and hungry. Since coming to Last Hope, she has been enjoying the safe and warm indoor life and making new cat and kitten friends. She has a quiet and soft-mannered demeanor. Although a quiet cat, Jessa has her affectionate and playful moments. She tends to seek out affection on her own terms, and is not at all “clingy,” but when she wants pets, she wants pets and thoroughly enjoys them! She enjoys wand toys, catnip mice, and even some playful wrestling and bunny kicking with her cat roommates – the ones that tolerate it anyway.

Jessa is a little timid with new people at first, but once she warms up to someone she is a loyal friend. She might put on a bit of a grumbly show (that tortitude!) with new cats at first just to establish that she is royalty and shall be treated as such, but she comes around with slow and proper introductions and actually seems to enjoy the company of other cats. Although Jessa would play with and groom much younger kittens, she seems to be particularly good friends with the adult male cats she has been roommates with and especially her roommate Harry. Harry is a former tomcat that she quickly put in his place with her sass and ‘tude. Once Harry learned that Jessa was Boss Cat, they’ve been best friends ever since. They are often found playing or napping together.

Jessa would be happiest in a low-key household without rambunctious younger children or bouncy pups. She tolerates both but often gets overwhelmed by too much commotion when it occurs and will hide. Because of Jessa’s gorgeous long coat, she will need her humans to be dedicated to occasionally brushing her coat and monitoring for mats in her fur. Jessa is probably one to two years old.

Jessa’s adoption fee is $100 and includes spay surgery, being up to date on vaccinations and preventives, and a microchip with free lifetime registration.

If you’d like to meet this great ‘tortie, please complete an adoption application HERE.

Dog of the Week: Lincoln

Julia D Dog of the Week

Lincoln was born 12/4/2023 and he was one of ten puppies born when his momma needed an emergency c-section.   Lincoln has blended in with the four dogs in his foster home very well. He’s food-motivated and knows “sit” and is working on “kennel up.” Lincoln loves people and animals of all ages! Lincoln would need to avoid cats in a home or have a cat that does not mind his very piqued curiosity. He loves being outdoors and will thrive in a fenced-in yard. He is quite independent but does love playing with his housemates. He could be an only dog if his owners were active with him. Lincoln loves a good squeaky toy or Nylabone!

Lincoln’s adoption fee is $300 and includes neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations and preventives, a microchip with free lifetime registration, and a FREE obedience class.

If you’d like to meet this puppy, please complete an adoption application HERE.

Happy Tail: Toro

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Michelle and Joel adopted Toro about a year ago after he had been at Last Hope for about a year just waiting to meet them.

Toro is, let’s say “experienced,” and so he has some trouble getting moving after lying down for a while. But he loves his walks where he lives now in Pennsylvania and welcomes all the great smells – deer, rabbits, squirrels, etc. He is a shameless beggar but has learned “leave it” very well. Toro learns new things very quickly and was even regularly used as a good example in the obedience class they attended before moving from Iowa.

When he first came to live with Michelle and Joel, they learned that he didn’t like being reached for when he’s relaxed. But, “We have really earned his trust through simply respecting his boundaries, so he no longer respects ours – and we love it! He loves to cuddle and initiates it on a daily basis.”

Toro is described as a “perfect gentleman” by the people at the kennel who care for him when his parents go out of town. When they drop him off, he walks right up and shoves his head into laps for scratches!

Before they adopted Toro, they had lost their beloved friend, Rocky. Although no “new” dog ever takes the place of the ones we’ve lost, Toro stepped in and helped fill the gap they felt after losing the best friend they had for eight years.

We are thankful for families like Michelle and Joel who take the time to learn their dog’s boundaries so they can be comfortable and feel loved in their homes. They understood it might take a little while for Toro to get settled and for them to learn his likes and dislikes but they had the patience to give him his space. They were rewarded for that when he started reaching out to them and always wanting to be with them. Thank you, Michelle and Joel, for giving Toro such a wonderful place to land.