Volunteer of the Month: Janette Gorman

Julia D Volunteer of the Month

Starting at the beginning of 2020, Janette Gorman began volunteering for Last Hope. She works with the cats and comes into the Adoption Center to care for them. She also transports cats when needed to the vet, IHA, and the spay and neuter clinic. Janette has also worked at a few Last Hope events.

Janette learned about Last Hope when she and her husband were looking to adopt a cat. She was impressed with how much we wanted to make sure it was a good match. After her husband passed away, Janette decided it was a good time to work volunteering into her schedule. She’s always been an animal lover and she likes being able to make time to volunteer with them. Janette enjoys meeting the people and, of course, hanging out with the cats.

Janette now shares her home with her dog Jordyn, and her two cats Lacy and Slim. She also has three sons; Dan and Tom live in different states and Matt lives in Cedar Rapids.

We were lucky when Janette decided to volunteer for Last Hope! She is very reliable and a great team member.