Happy Tail: Sophie

Julia D Happy Tails

Ron and Beth were looking to add a puppy to their family but when they saw the picture of two-year-old Sophie, they were smitten. After a very successful visit in a dog park between their existing dog and Sophie they decided to take the plunge and add Sophie to their family of two cats, Jax and Buck, and their dog, Maizy.

When Sophie came home with them, there was a learning curve at first. Sophie had been almost starved to death previous to Last Hope saving her so she was an active counter surfer, always looking for food. The family quickly learned to keep food off the counters where she could reach it and did some training with Sophie to keep her from getting on the table and eating cat food.

They call her their little hippie girl because Sophie is so laid-back and easy going. She’s not much for toys or typical playing that dogs do, but she does love to chew on bones. She enjoys short running bursts at the dog park and then resting in the shade. Sophie also likes lap time and cuddling. And she’s a bed hog!

We are so happy for Sophie to have found such a wonderful forever home with Ron and Beth and their other furkids. And that she now has a soft bed to hog!