Happy Tail: Molly

Julia D Happy Tails

When Molly came to Last Hope she had a broken leg and the vet wasn’t sure if she would be able to keep the leg or if it would have to be amputated. Jody saw her picture on our website and knew instantly that Molly belonged with their family – with or without the leg. Luckily, they were able to save the leg. It took a couple of months for Molly to be treated and get healed up and be ready for adoption but during that time Molly’s foster mom kept Jody updated on Molly’s progress and let her visit her.

Keith and Molly

Jody’s husband, Keith, had said they would not get another dog – they already had Iggy, a cuddly yellow lab, in the home and two teenage boys, Louie and Wyatt. Well, Jody just knew Molly had to come into their home but kept it a secret until Molly had been cleared medically and was ready for adoption. Keith was not pleased at first but now when he comes in the door from work he greets “the ladies” with salutations and kisses.

Iggy and Molly have gotten along fine even though Iggy weighs about 80 pounds and Molly comes in at about 18 pounds! On Friday nights – yes, they somehow know when it’s Friday night – they get the zoomies together and race around the house until Molly runs under the coffee table and Iggy can’t reach her. Once Iggy loses interest, Molly comes out from under the table and the race is on again!

We’re so happy that Jody, Keith, Louie, and Wyatt opened their home to Molly and that she is doing so well. Jody says Molly runs the house and they just love her personality. Thank you for taking in Molly and giving her such a wonderful forever home!