Happy Tail: Millie

Julia D Happy Tails

Mike and Cheryl were looking to add a dog to their family. They already had Molly (a white Lab/Terrier mix) but wanted to adopt another dog and Cheryl saw Millie’s picture online. They chose Millie because when they met her, her personality was a joy to be around. She is a little shy at first but warms up quickly and is a wonderful and loving happy dog.

Millie is doing great in her new home and they love having her. Both Molly and Millie sleep in bed with Mike and Cheryl, sometimes under the covers even. They report that sometimes their king-size bed is a little too small for all four of them!

The adjustment period has been smooth and went better than they anticipated. Millie is still a puppy and likes to chew on things she’s not supposed to, but they’re hoping she’ll grow out of that habit – soon!

She gives them the cutest look and will rest her head on her foot or sit beside them. She LOVES to run! They are thankful they have a big fenced yard because she can’t run enough and even likes to chase the squirrels. She and Molly play together in the yard and play fetch with balls.

With her being a stray, when they would feed her at first she would inhale her food. She has settled down and, although she still eats fast, she doesn’t inhale her food like she used to. She knows where her next meal is coming from and has relaxed. Cheryl says, “She really is a beautiful dog and we are so happy that she is with us. Between Millie and Molly they keep our house hopping!”

Sounds like Millie has found the perfect forever home! Thanks to Mike, Cheryl, and Molly for opening their hearts and home to Millie!