Donors, This Is For You!

Julia D Uncategorized

This month, instead of recognizing one of our amazing volunteers, we’re turning the focus on the donors who support us with monetary donations and donations of items we need. We are so very thankful for ALL the donors who make what we do possible! Whether you’re able to give $5 or $5,000 or a roll of paper towels, every donation counts and we truly appreciate every single one.

Because of the support of our donors, we’re able to save animals that other organizations might have to turn away because the animal has medical issues. Donors make it possible for us to get these animals the care they need and deserve so they can go to their forever homes happy and healthy. Donations enable us to provide much-needed surgeries, dental cleanings, medicine, flea and tick preventives, heartworm preventives, and emergency care when needed.

Our adoption fees cover only the bare essentials for these animals so donations are necessary to keep our doors open and save even the toughest of cases. We recognize that we would literally not have a roof over our heads without the generosity of donors. And we think we have the best donors around! When we need more everyday items for the Adoption Center like laundry detergent, printer paper, bleach, garbage bags, etc. we put out a call on Facebook and the items start showing up at our door.

So this month, we shout a big THANK YOU to everyone who has ever donated anything to Last Hope. Without YOU there would be no US and a lot of homeless pets would not even have a chance at finding a forever home. So pat yourself on the back and know that we appreciate you so much!