Happy Tail: Izzy

Julia D Happy Tails

Larry and Teresa heard about Last Hope from a foster who works with Larry. They had originally seen another dog that caught their eye, but after talking about it with a Last Hope volunteer they decided that dog wouldn’t be a good fit for them. The volunteer suggested they meet Izzy and it turned out she was a great match for them! They say Izzy is amazing and they couldn’t ask for a better addition to their family.

The adjustment period lasted about a week during which Izzy seemed a little sad, but they chalked it up to the fact that she had spent a while in her foster’s home to get her healthy and she was just unsure why she was in a new home. But after that short period, she got adjusted and now she is attending the free obedience class Last Hope gives to all dog adopters. Teresa reports that she enjoys the class and is a joy to work with.

When Teresa and Larry come home, Izzy is SO happy to see them and they love that. She loves to chill on the couch and even thinks she’s a lap dog!

Recently Izzy had a tumor in her mouth and they were concerned that it was cancerous. She had surgery to remove it and thankfully it was not cancer. It took her a while to recover from the surgery, but now she’s back to her old self.

Teresa says, “We will never adopt another puppy. This was so easy.  She has spoiled us.  Truly we lucked out. This was plug and play.  Mostly play.”

Thank you, Larry and Teresa, for giving Izzy a wonderful forever home!