Cats of the Week: Silas and Ivory

Julia D Cat of the Week

Looking for a pair of handsome cuties to keep you company? Look no more, meet Prince Silas and Ivory! Silas and Ivory have beautiful, soft white fur and big fluffy tails. These boys are big kitties and have fluffy manes, as they resemble the gorgeous Maine Coon breed and also the stunning Turkish Angoras’. But don’t be intimidated by their royal appearances, they are very sweet and down to earth! Silas and Ivory are amazing companions, all they ask for is your love! Silas and Ivory are presently living with their foster family, but would really love a home of their own. They have amazing personalities and would really love to cuddle up to their furrever mom/dad. The boys would do best in a quiet home and mature kiddos only as rambunctious children tend to make them nervous. They get along well with the other kitties in their forever home. Dogs tend to make them nervous but a calm dog may work out okay with a proper introduction.

If you’re interested in Silas and Ivory, please complete an application HERE or email