Dog of the Week: Sully

Julia D Dog of the Week

Hi, my name is Sully, I am named after a famous brave leader. Yep, that’s me!  My foster home has found I behave much better if I am with a big dog.  And mom says I need to be treated like a big dog, and I behave better. If I think I am in charge I try to protect everyone around me with either peeing on it or biting it.  But here, Mom does not let me bark or misbehave and I relax right away.  She says I am too stinking cute and people are too nice to me, so I have learned to settle down, but, you know, I have to be me sometimes.

I have learned to bark and growl at new people to keep them at a distance until I am ready to meet them.  But, once I like you, I like to sleep in your bed and cuddle.  But since I am easily startled, small children are not my favorites (plus, I feel the need to correct them).  If you knew how the start of my life began, then you would understand why I feel the need to protect those I love, but I also need to learn to let the past go and live in the present.  So that’s where you come in, my perfect adopter, who will help me move forward in life and replace the bad memories with good ones. Due to Sully’s special needs, we are looking for an adopter in Iowa so that we can follow up with his care.  He will need an experienced adopter, as he is not a dog for a first-time dog owner.  He will need a fenced yard as well.

Sully’s adoption fee is $250 which includes neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations and preventives, a microchip with lifetime registration, and a free obedience class.

If you feel you might be the perfect family for Sully, please complete an adoption application HERE.