Cats of the Week: Marcus and Drew

Julia D Cat of the Week

We have a bonded pair of brothers that need to go to a home together. They are great boys with distinct personalities! They are about two years old.

Marcus – Skittish but Loving, Patience will pay off with this cutie. It took Marcus quite a while to open up to our family.  He was very skittish at first and we rarely saw him come out from behind the couch.  After about 2 weeks, he started getting braver, and after about 3 weeks it was clear he trusted our family.  He can still be spooked rather easily, but he is getting more confident every day.  He wrestles with his brother, Drew, very well and enjoys chasing balls around the floor.  Marcus is very loving now, but not always sure how to show it.  He loves to have his face scratched, but only on his terms.  He loves to show affection by nibbling on bare toes (not biting).  It’s very cute and a little unique.  Marcus gets more social and brave in the evenings and prefers to sleep during the day secluded.

Drew – Fun, Active, Kid Friendly, and Parent Approved! ~~When Drew came to us it was clear right away he was social and confident, but as with all new fosters, it took a week or so for him to fully trust us. After that first week, Drew loved to come out and play with kids and adults and was very curious. He will come up to you and want to be petted and loved. Drew gets very active right before human bedtime and requires a bit more attention then. He loves playing with toys that have feathers or balls with bells that he can push around. Drew loves to climb his kitty tower and always scratches on posts (rather than furniture). Drew also loves to watch birds and people through the windows and an open door.

For adopting both cats you get a discount on their adoption fee. That fee includes neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations and preventives, and microchips with free lifetime registration.

If you think these boys need to come home with you, please complete an adoption application HERE.