Dogs of the Week: Stella’s Puppies

Julia D Dog of the Week

Stella is a beautiful brindle-colored female who joined Last Hope in a state of emergency; she was pregnant, in labor, and one of her puppies was stuck in her birth canal. She required an emergency c-section to save the lives of her unborn puppies as well as her own.  On December 4th, ten perfect and healthy puppies were born! Stella’s litter of TEN puppies are all seeking homes now; they are old enough to have had their vaccines and dewormer and are healthy, roly-poly puppies!

If you are interested in adding a puppy to your family, we ask that you please submit an adoption application for consideration.  Approved adopters will be invited to join us for a get-together where you can meet all of the available puppies and from there let us know which puppy you feel is the best match. Please let us know if you have a specific puppy in mind, or if you have a preference on the sex of the puppy that you would like to adopt. There are SIX male puppies to choose from and FOUR females.  We have brindle, grey/blue, white & grey, and black & white puppies.  Each puppy is cuter than the next! We do not know the specific breed mix of these puppies; momma Stella looks to be a staffy mix female around 50 pounds.

The adoption fee for each puppy is $300 and includes spay/neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations and preventives, a microchip with free lifetime registration, and a free obedience class.

If you’d like to be a part of the get-together to indicate which puppy you’d be interested in, please complete an adoption application HERE.

Happy Tail: Ippos

Julia D Happy Tails

Ippos, formerly Baymax, found a wonderful home with Irene and Blake. He has separation anxiety and is deaf; special needs pets usually have a hard time finding a home. But Irene and Blake were very open and accepting of his needs and learned hand signals to communicate with him.

“We heard about Last Hope through an acquaintance when we were looking to find a new companion after one of our dogs passed away unexpectedly.  She put us in touch with Last Hope who thought they had the perfect dog for us once they found out we were willing to take on a special needs dog.

When choosing a pet, we primarily were looking for one who not only fit our lifestyle but would also get along with the dog we had at the time.  Family members also have dogs, so it was important that we find a dog who could be around both people and dogs.
Ippos is doing well as part of our family.  He loves to go on hikes, walk with his human and canine friends, chew on his Nylabones, swim in the local lakes and rivers, chase his big red ball, visit friends, and nap on the sofa when we work at home. He mentally knows where his canine and human friends live and will attempt to take us for visits on his daily walks.  Ippos has made his dislike of the cold well-known and will refuse to go on walks when the temperature is below 20°, and will steal the chair in the greenhouse if given the opportunity in order to soak up some warmth. He enjoys playing fetch with a rope and watching the deer walk past our house.
We had several adjustment periods as he has separation anxiety and is deaf.  There was his adjustment to a new home, our adjustment to communicating with a deaf dog and dealing with his anxiety, our former dog’s adjustment to having a new sibling again, the adjustment to her passing, getting a deaf foster puppy, and then moving. Overall, he’s dealt with the majority of these fairly well.  We’ve picked up his commands and continue to work with him on a regular basis.  We have found a routine and a medication regimen that minimize his separation anxiety–this was the toughest adjustment for the humans as it was absolutely heart-breaking to listen to him when he had to be crated.  Now that we have a routine, things are usually good and we know how to adapt when nonroutine issues pop up.  Dealing with the foster puppy was probably the most frustrating adjustment for him after adapting to a new routine because the puppy was not hearing his warnings.  Despite this, he did a wonderful job of trying to teach the puppy how to play, how to sunbathe, and demonstrating what different hand signals mean.  He showed no distress when the foster puppy found a home.
What we love about Ippos is that he’s very loving.  If we manage to get home without him realizing it, it’s amazing to see his eyes light up when he realizes his people are home, and he gives hugs (which we have not had any luck breaking him of) to all guests.  He was also good with our former elderly canine after their initial adjustment period.  Prior to Autumn’s passing, Ippos would patiently wait behind her when she insisted on going upstairs by herself and stand in a location to try to prevent her from falling down if possible.  He was also incredibly patient with her on walks as would insist on going but struggled to go very fast or very far.  Ippos is the perfect mix of adventure and couch potato for me, as he will happily hike all day when the weather is nice (we’re still working on the wearing of a pack for his water) but in winter he’s happy to curl up with you while you read, work on the computer, or watch movies. Blake, on the other hand, wishes Ippos didn’t dislike the cold so much so snowshoeing excursions could be longer. His favorite person is his Aunt Christen, who is a friend who lives a few blocks away.
For those who worked with him and knew him, he still likes to hug everyone he sees/meets.”
Ippos now has two new canine siblings: Freyja and Bilbeau. He has managed to teach Bilbeau the fine art of walking and sitting on the back of the couch!
Not everyone is able to take on a special needs dog and Irene and Blake have done a wonderful job with Ippos. He’s a very lucky boy!

Cat of the Week: Olive

Julia D Cat of the Week

Olive was just a teeny kitten when she and her littermates joined rescue. Olive had a rough start and required lots of TLC from her foster family; she is a healthy and loving girl around 9 months old and ready to grow into a purr-fect adult kitty! Olive loves sitting in your lap, but she sure won’t turn down the chance to chase a string, spring toy, or enjoy the windows and fresh breeze on the screened-in porch at her foster home. Olive is a small but fearless girl, she will love a home with another cat present and would do fine with older kids.

Olive’s adoption fee is $100 and includes spay surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, and a microchip with free lifetime registration.

If you’d like to meet this resilient girl, please complete an adoption application HERE.

Dog of the Week: Daisy B

Julia D Dog of the Week

Friendly and outgoing lady Daisy B is searching for a forever home. Her dream home would have a woman and children in the family as this seems to be what she gravitates most towards when we introduce her to new people! We think Daisy is a “momma dog” at heart!  We’ve learned that Daisy is an escape artist, she can jump a shorter fence so would be best suited to a home with a secure fence. We don’t think she intends to run away, we think she just wants to be wherever you are! She can also be dog selective, so might be best suited as the only dog in the home. She has so much love to share with her people, and it’s clear she will fill your home with love and laughter.  Don’t pass up this goofy girl! She loves to go for walks, and although she can be strong on the leash at first she does settle in quickly. She is about eight years old.

Daisy B’s adoption fee is $250 and includes spay surgery, being up to date on vaccinations and preventives, a microchip with free lifetime registration, and a free obedience class.

If this sweet and goofy girl seems to fit in your family, please complete an adoption application HERE.

Cat of the Week: Aunt Bethany

Julia D Cat of the Week

Aunt Bethany is a small kitty with a somewhat big name!

Aunt Bethany is a beautiful and petite tuxedo kitty just around one year old and barely weighing more than five pounds.  She has the sweetest little ‘mew’ that crackles ever so softly when she wants to get your attention.  She’s especially fond of doing this at feeding time!  Aunt Bethany is one of many local kitties that came to rescue just before Christmastime She has a tipped ear from the veterinarian who provided her spay surgery however she is seeking an indoor-only home.  Aunt Bethany is friendly and outgoing; she has lived with other kitties and done well (minus a few spats with her siblings when they had to share cramped quarters which of course, was understandable!).

Aunt Bethany’s adoption fee is $85 and includes spay surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, and a microchip with free lifetime registration.

If you’d like to meet this petite beauty, please complete an adoption application HERE.

Dog of the Week: Lacey

Julia D Dog of the Week

Lacey is a friendly and outgoing chocolate lab looking for a family of her own! She spent her first few years of life as a farm dog but is ready to be a city girl now and enjoy the finer things in life.     Lacey was spayed when she joined rescue and she is now on a journey to live the best life possible so this means she would like an owner who will help her to start living an active life!

Lacey is a little on the heavy side but she has lost weight since being with us and now weighs about 85 pounds. A little moderate exercise will help Lacey to slim down a touch and in turn, we think she’ll make a terrific walking companion.  Don’t let her size fool you though; this girl is all lap dog! Given the chance she will make herself right at home on the couch, and is likely to steal the best spot in the house.

Lacey can be selective about the other dogs she wants to live with; she did live with another large male with no issues.  However, she hasn’t been fond of younger, high-energy dogs that get in her face and she doesn’t seem to do well with other females.  Lacey would do just fine in a home with elementary-aged kids or older. She is about seven years old.

Lacey’s adoption fee is $250 and includes spay surgery, being up to date on vaccinations and preventives, a microchip with free lifetime registration, and a free obedience class.

If you’d like a walking partner this spring, please complete an adoption application HERE.

Rabbit of the Week: Sundae

Julia D Rabbit of the Week

Sundae has ears to hear you coming and a nose for spunk. She is energetic and is looking for a family to match! Don’t let her enthusiasm fool you, she has big brown eyes that you just can’t help but fall in love with. Sundae is litter box trained and looking for her forever home. If you want a companion that is sociable then you have to meet Sundae. She’s about four years old.

Sundae’s adoption fee is $50 and includes spay surgery and being up to date on vaccinations.

If you’d like to meet Sundae, hope to it and complete an adoption application HERE.


Dog of the Week: Bleu

Julia D Dog of the Week

Bleu is a very handsome Siberian Husky mix. He is fully house-trained and has not had a single accident in his foster home. He knows several commands and is very obedient, he is also kennel trained although he does not necessarily require one. Bleu loves to be near his people and the perfect home would be one with someone he could hang out with all day or go to work with. He’ll just nap the hours away at your feet. Bleu’s up for adventure but is also cool with just chilling at home with you. A fenced yard is preferred for his husky curiosity because good smells can carry him away! Bleu is great with other dogs but we are not sure about how he is with young children as he has never met them. For this reason, we are asking for a home with older children or no children, please.

Bleu’s adoption fee is $250 and includes neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations and preventives, a microchip with free lifetime registration, and a free obedience class.

If you’d like to meet Bleu with the mesmerizing eyes, please complete an adoption application HERE.

Cats of the Week: Cupid and Valentine

Julia D Cat of the Week

Hello Cat Lovers!  Valentine’s Day is fast approaching – and what better time to adopt a pair of bonded brothers (who are absolutely adorable)? Our very own Cupid & Valentine.  These playful little rascals are sweet and cuddly and sometimes a bit rambunctious with their kitten shenanigans. They are waiting for their special ‘someone’ to keep these two brothers together forever.

Check out their photo session pics; who can resist their beautiful markings and adorable faces? Their estimated birthdate is approximately 9/16/23. Cupid loves to play with all manner of toys but he’s especially fond of pouncing on the prey at the end of a wand toy, grabbing it in his mouth and proudly prancing off with his catch.  Such a masterful hunter!  He also loves to wrestle with his brother to determine who’s king of the castle.  Once he’s tired himself out, Cupid loves nothing more than to cuddle up on your lap and perhaps will even suckle on your fingertip before drifting off to sleep. Valentine is a happy, carefree little guy who’s full of kitten playfulness and cuteness but also loves his pets and rubs and will reward your efforts with a monster purr.   He loves to romp with his littermate and after he’s had his fill of fun, will curl up on your lap for a restful nap.  Valentine is the sweetest, most precious kitten and this pair of sweet boys will be a loving addition to your home!

It is not unusual for kittens to maybe be a bit shy meeting new people or in a new environment, but with proper consideration given to letting them acclimate, they usually adjust pretty quickly.  They have spent time with older cats, little kids, and adults; dogs are unknown.  If you’re looking for lovable, playful lap kittens, you couldn’t make a better choice than to bring Cupid and Valentine into your home.

The adoption fee for these bonded brothers is $175.00.  They are completely vetted. Both are neutered and have had their FVRCP vaccinations and rabies vaccinations, they both tested negative for Feline Leukemia, have been given a dewormer treatment and a Revolution parasite treatment.  They are also microchipped.  Their microchip has a free lifetime registration and LHAR will register them for the new owners upon adoption.  Your responsibility will be to always keep all of your information updated with the microchip company so you have a better chance of getting your kitty returned to you should he ever get outside, etc.

Cupid and Valentine are residing in the Waterloo PetSmart Store Adoption Center located at 1506 Flammang Drive in the Crossroads Shopping Center area off of San Marnan Drive.  The store is nestled between Hy-Vee and the Barnes & Noble bookstore.  Store hours are 9-9 Monday-Saturday and 10-7 on Sundays; holiday hours vary.  LHAR does not do on-site adoptions but you can stop by the store anytime to see the kitties currently residing in the adoption center.  PetSmart employees cannot show you the cats, but if there happens to be a Last Hope volunteer in the adoption area who is cleaning their living area and socializing the kitties, they may have time to let you meet them.

If you’d like to meet Cupid and Valentine, please complete an adoption application HERE.

Dog of the Week: Tater Tot

Julia D Dog of the Week

Tater Tot is a healthy and happy adult male dog around 50 pounds and 1.5 to 2 years old.  His breed mix is just a guess at this point, but what we can guarantee is that if you are looking for a fun and active companion – Tater Tot could be your guy!  Tater does great with other dogs; he’s playful and outgoing.  He is not a great match with cats, unfortunately, and does want to chase them. Tater would love a home with his own yard to enjoy, and he would do great with a family that has elementary-aged kids or older (he just hasn’t met too many younger children yet).

Tater Tot’s adoption fee is $250 and includes neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations and preventives, a microchip with free lifetime registration, and a free obedience class.

If you love tater tots and think this potato might be for you, please complete an adoption application to meet him HERE.