Cats of the Week: Rico and Kowalski

Julia D Cat of the Week

Rico and Kowalski are from the same litter and we’re hoping they can go to their forever home together. They were born in August of 2018. They love playing, especially with crinkle balls! They “hunt” and “attack” each other but it’s all in play of course. Adopting two kittens at the same time is a great way to add to your family – they keep each other entertained and have an instant friend in their new home.

Rico and Kowalski have been neutered, are up to date on vaccinations, and have microchips with lifetime registration.

If you’d like to add these cuties to your family, please complete an application HERE or email

Dogs of the Week: Prince Charming and Snow White

Julia D Dog of the Week

We could never dream of splitting Snow White from her Prince Charming, and we know you wouldn’t either! This charmingly odd couple is a delightful duo in search of one home together. They are a bonded pair, youthful and fun, who enjoy exploring the world together and have yet to meet a stranger they didn’t make fast friends with! Snow White and Prince Charming joined Last Hope with their litter of 7 puppies (named after the 7 dwarves of course!). The puppies have since been adopted and mom and dad are looking for a happily ever after of their own now. Both are great with dogs, kids, and likely cats, too. Mom is approximately the size of a small lab, Dad is around 50 pounds and seems to resemble a clumber spaniel (although we joke that he looks to be half bowling ball, too!).

The adoption fee for this bonded pair is $450 which includes spay and neuter surgeries, being up to date on vaccinations and preventives, microchips with lifetime registration, and a free obedience class.

If you’d like to add this enchanting pair to your family please complete an application HERE or email

Happy Tail: Obi-Wan Kenobi (FKA Denton)

Julia D Happy Tails

Denton was one of a large litter of puppies Last Hope brought up from Texas along with their mother, Leta. Heather, Dave, Tyler, and Kurtis selected Denton because he was labeled as “failure to thrive.” Tyler, the son of Heather and Dave, was once put in that category and he’s now a six-foot-tall basketball player so they felt it was meant to be with Denton.

Tyler and Kurtis decided to pick a new name for Denton when he came to live with them and they selected Obi-Wan Kenobi like the character in Star Wars. They call him Obi for short.

They had a little bit of a rocky start with Obi because he had pretty intense separation anxiety. But the family worked through it and established a good routine and everyone is happy and healthy now. Grandma Vicki is part of that routine – she comes over to let Obi outside every day and he loves his grandma!

Obi loves to run in the yard and chase balls, go for walks, ride on the canoe, and snuggle UNDER the covers at bedtime. Oh, and let’s not forget his penchant for socks. He loves to steal socks! But he felt a little bad about always stealing socks so the family found pairs of socks under the Christmas from Obi this past Christmas ;-).

The family loves the joy Obi has brought back to their lives. Before adopting Obi, they had Jack who had passed away. They of course still miss Jack, but the young energy Obi has brought to the house is very welcome. And his claim to fame? He can say, “I love youuuuuu!”

And we love the family for giving Obi such a wonderful forever home and for having the patience and understanding to work through his separation anxiety issues in the beginning.

Happy Tail: Duke

Julia D Happy Tails

Duke is somewhat of a special needs dog that has protective tendencies. Luckily we found the perfect home for him with Angel, Jim, and their furbaby, Tinkerbell!

Angel admitted that at first she thought the adoption process was a little overly comprehensive but she now is grateful that Last Hope took the time to not only find A HOME for Duke, but the RIGHT HOME. They already had Tinkerbell in their home and she was wanting a playmate. Tinkerbell is a Saint Bernard like Duke and they have become the best of friends.

Because Duke has some special needs, the family has had to make adjustments and went through some specialized training but they love Duke and are happy to make changes to ensure he’s comfortable and happy. Tinkerbell is pretty convinced that they got Duke specifically to be her minion but Duke is happy to let her think that and loves playing with his sister.

Duke also loves to go for walks, car rides, and they have discovered he likes to snowshoe with his humans. Angel says that Duke is extremely smart and a loveable gentle giant.

It is important for us to find just the right home for Last Hope animals and it looks like we did just that for Duke. We couldn’t ask for a better forever home for Duke and we appreciate the extra efforts Angel and Jim have gone to to make sure he is happy!


Cat of the Week: Anne

Julia D Cat of the Week

Hi, my name is Anne! My foster mom bottle fed me and two of my brothers for about three weeks. And you know what, that doesn’t take the place of a mommy to nurse you and cuddle with you. I cried a lot when I was so little. My foster mom would sit and hold me to try to make me feel better and not miss my mom. When we started to eat real food we would all fight over it. It took us a little while to realize we all had our own dish with enough food for each of us.  I was born with a deformed foot and when you see me walking with a limp it just pulls at the strings in your heart! But don’t worry about me because I can run and play just as fast as my brothers. I can jump really well too! The vet said that I don’t have to have surgery for my foot since I just hold it up and don’t use it. My foster mom loves me to pieces and is always worried about me.

I am a pretty quiet, shy little girl. If there is a lot of commotion or noise I will sometimes go hide out. I would really like a quiet home to live in for my forever home. My favorite thing to do is play with toys my foster mom throws to me on the bed. Anytime, day or night, if you are near the bed I come running ready to play. I’ve been living with Katie (the dog) and 3 other cats in my foster home so I should get along well if you have other animals for me to live with.  My foster mom plays computer games and sometimes I get in the way when I try to chase things on the screen. But I don’t usually bother her too long before I settle down and take a nap on her lap. I am a big girl and can take care of myself but she still thinks I’m pretty special and likes to spoil me. If you’re looking for a kitty to spoil I’m your girl!

Anne is about nine months old and her adoption fee is $100 which includes spay surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, and a microchip with lifetime registration.

If you’d love to meet this great girl please complete an application HERE or email

Dog of the Week: Sturgill

Julia D Dog of the Week

Sturgill reminds us that we don’t deserve dogs…he is a true gem and one family will be so lucky to love him for the rest of their days! While there’s surely a sad story behind the scars that cover his face and chest, don’t let that stop from you meeting what is truly a loving and wonderful dog full of character. Sturgill is seeking a forever home that is active and ready to make new memories with him! He loves going for walks and car rides, he is best suited to a home with no small animals including small dogs and cats. He has done daycare with dogs his size and larger and does great with playful companions! Sturgill is a smart boy that quickly picked up sit, shake, lay down and he’s a whiz with dog toy puzzles. Don’t miss meeting this handsome young man who has a heart of gold and will entertain you with his thousands of facial expressions.

Sturgill’s adoption fee is $250 which includes neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, a microchip with lifetime registration, and a free obedience class.

If this lovable boy caught your eye please complete an application HERE or email

Cats of the Week: Max and Oliver

Julia D Cat of the Week

Max and Oliver are a pair of bonded brothers that are never too far from each other in their foster home.

Max is a bit more reserved than Oliver but they are both still young kitties who love to play.  His favorite pastime is bird watching, (although squirrels and other outdoor activity is quite entertaining) and basking in an open window. He particularly loves catnip, belly rubs, and his favorite toys are sparkly balls.  He is a sweet boy who has the cutest meow.

Oliver is the more inquisitive one of the two and loves playing with toys – for him, everything is a toy!  He is a happy go lucky boy who is always in a happy, goofy mood.  He gives awesome hugs, likes to snuggle, and is very talkative.

We believe Max and Oliver would do best in a home together without other kitties because they tend to rough house with each other and play in a way other cats don’t really appreciate.  These boys are loves and are going to make a special family very happy!

If you think your home would be a good match for these two boys, please complete an application HERE or email

Dogs of the Week: The Fairytale Puppies

Julia D Dog of the Week

Our fairytale litter of puppies includes 3 males and 4 females (one puppy, Sneezy, has an adoption pending). These puppies were born approximately 2-18-19. Their Momma (Snow White) is around 65 pounds and most closely resembles a lab mix. Poppa (Prince Charming) is 50 pounds, very short and stout with a big round head. Poppa may have some Pitbull mix in him, although he does have a longer coat.

Males: Grumpy, Doc, and Dopey (the runt of the litter).  Females: Bashful, Happy, and Sleepy. These puppies are seeking homes with other confident dogs, as they are timid and thrive most with companions.

The adoption fee for these puppies is $300 which includes spay/neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, a microchip with lifetime registration, and a free obedience class.

If you’d like to add a puppy to your family and would like to meet them to pick one out, please complete an application HERE.

Cat of the Week: Ali

Julia D Cat of the Week

People call me Ali, I was an outside cat until it got too cold for me. I was brought to Last Hope with my brother and sister. I’m new to the indoors but I love it. Did you know a cat bed is softer than the cement?! I was told a lot that I look like a mini panther, but I’m a lot nicer. I love scratches and being pet, I will thank you with a lick on your hand. I can live with kids, cats, and even dogs. I can be a little nervous at first but will warm up pretty fast.

Ali’s adoption fee is $85 which includes spay surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, and a microchip with lifetime registration.

If you’d like to meet this cutie, please complete an application HERE or email


Dog of the Week: Stevie

Julia D Dog of the Week

Hi, my name’s Stevie and I’m a puppy with all the best puppy traits you could want! I love to play, snuggle and I’m super smart, too! My foster family has other dogs, they’re pretty cool and have taught me a lot! I would love a forever home with a fenced in yard to explore, someone who will take me to puppy training classes and teach me lots of new things as I grow!

I came to Last Hope as a litter of puppies with my mom, she is around 45 pounds and a Staffy mix. My mom is very sweet and had an amazing personality, not sure what my dad was but I’m sure just based on the size of my paws now I’ll be a good-sized adult, too!

Stevie’s adoption fee is $300 which includes neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, a microchip with lifetime registration, and a free obedience class.

If you are interested in possibly adding this cutie to your family, please complete an application HERE or email