Happy Tail: Jesse

Julia D Happy Tails

Synona lives near the Last Hope Adoption Center and had been bringing her cat to CR Grooming in the same building so she knew about us when it was time to adopt. She was contacted after applying and brought a list of kitties she thought might be good possibilities.

When Synona first walked in the door, she made eye contact with Jesse and felt an instant connection. He wasn’t on her list so she went to meet them first. In the end, she came back to Jesse and just knew he was the one. He hadn’t made the list, but he made it into her heart!

She was a little nervous to adopt Jesse just because he was a more experienced cat at age 13. She had lost her previous earlier that year and wasn’t sure she was ready to face that possibility again any time soon. But after thinking about it she decided she wanted to give him a loving home for as long as she could share it with him. Of course, she hoped he had many wonderful years ahead of him but she was prepared for it to be a shorter time than she would want.

Jesse fit in right away when Synona brought him home. He exited the carrier, sniffed all around, jumped up on the cat tree, and used the litter box. He decided he was home and he was going to like it here.

Jesse the Great (as Synona likes to call him) loves interactive playtime and watching the birds out the window. Synona likes that he is sweet, loving, and playful.

Sometimes you just know like Synona and Jesse knew about each other. Everything clicks and you know that you were meant to be together. We’re so glad they found each other and Jesse is obviously living the good life with Synona!