Dog of the Week: Jesse

Julia D Dog of the Week

My name is Jesse, I’m a young red heeler mix. I’m looking for my forever family, I really love to play with other dogs so I’m hoping to find a family that has another confident and playful dog near my size! I know a few great tricks like sit and shake and I have graduated from a basic obedience class with flying colors! Being the super smart heeler girl that I am, I bet we can learn lots more cool tricks together! I need an active family, someone that understands that even though I’ll enjoy our fenced in back yard I need to go for walks and have fun outings to be a happy working breed dog. I like kids but I want a home with older kids, please. I’m a little too interested in cats so it’s probably best that I stick to living with just dogs.

Jesse’s adoption fee is $250 which includes spay surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, a microchip with lifetime registration, and a free obedience class.

If you are interested in this beautiful and smart girl, please complete an application HERE or email

Dog of the Week: Little Billy

Julia D Dog of the Week

Meet Little Billy! But don’t be fooled by his name. There is nothing little about this cutie! From his personality to his love of attention from his canine and human friends, Billy is big in every way!  He enjoys playing with dogs his size or bigger and kids of any age. He loves his toys and adores being petted. Billy prefers adult dogs over puppies but will tolerate puppies. We’ve never introduced him to a cat, so a careful introduction would be needed if cats live in a potential adoptive home. He’s making progress on crate training and knows sit, stay, and shake. Billy would make a fun addition to almost any family!

Little Billy’s adoption fee is $250 which includes neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, a microchip with lifetime registration, and a free obedience class.

If you’re interested in this great guy, please complete an application HERE or email

Volunteer of the Month: Alex Magby

Julia D Volunteer of the Month

Alex began volunteering at Last Hope in February of 2015 after she saw a post on Facebook about a cat hoarding case we helped with. Since then she has fostered many cats and one dog. She isn’t afraid to take on the tougher cases: pregnant cats and litters of kittens, both of which can be handfuls. She also helps with home visits, events, and pretty much anything we ask of her.

She says she loves volunteering at Last Hope because of the friendships she’s made, especially the one with Crystal (Cat Coordinator). Alex appreciates that Crystal treats her as a friend rather than just a person who volunteers.

Alex likes the adoption process and says, “I love the process of adoption from Last Hope and how involved I am with my fosters’ adoptions; it makes me feel better knowing the adopters. Especially for the babies I raise or the ones that came to me sick or neglected.”

Alex is an integral part of our team and we are thankful she chooses to spend some of her free time helping us out!

Dog of the Week: Precious

Julia D Dog of the Week

Precious is a great girl that loves to be around people. She mostly ignores other dogs and has been around cats with no issues. She is housetrained and does well in a kennel, but she prefers to lounge on the couch. She knows how to sit and shake and is working on basic manners. She likes kids but has been known to sneak a cookie out of a toddler’s hand, so she may be better with older kids or kids who are used to larger dogs.    Precious is around 65 pounds. Some leash training would be beneficial as she likes to follow her nose. She should also have a fenced yard so she has room to explore without wandering off.

Precious’ adoption fee is $250 which includes spay surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, a microchip with lifetime registration, and a free obedience class.

If you’re interested in this great girl, please complete an application HERE or email


Cat of the Week: Bahama Mama

Julia D Cat of the Week

Sing along now to this beautiful song!    Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya…      to  Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty  Mama   …   Key Largo, Montego, baby why don’t we go …  Oooh I wanna take ya… down to  Kokomo !! When this beautiful mama and her six kittens were rescued in early June from horrific conditions, and the island names fit purrfectly with the sex of the kittens, it was meant to be!  These beautiful island names had to be the names for these kittens with the amazing fur coat colors (and even turquoise eyes on a few!), as they were on their way to a brighter and more beautiful life!!  They were all quite scared when they came in, and a few of the kittens were in need of medication, but they have quickly come around and are enjoying attention and interaction with their foster family!  They have a playground of toys and huts to hide and play in and soft beds to lounge in … now they just need the purrfect family to find them and give them a loving home where they can continue to blossom!  Bahama Mama has been a great mom to these babies, and they love snuggling close and being with her!  She had originally been outside with her kittens, and then someone took her and the babies inside. She was terrified when finally rescued, although we are sure she was probably someone’s pet at one time because she is not feral.  With lots of love and affection from her foster family, she is learning to trust and enjoys laying on their laps and their companionship!   Bahama Mama is a beautiful Torbie and white female.

Bahama Mama’s adoption fee is $85 which includes spay surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, and a microchip with lifetime registration.

If you’re interested in this beauty, please complete an application HERE or email

Dog of the Week: Romeo

Julia D Dog of the Week

Romeo is going to be THAT dog that just captures your heart! Romeo came to Last Hope from some pretty horrible conditions. He is a 12-year-old Doxiepoo (Dachshund/Poodle). Romeo has had to be introduced to being loved and seems to be taking to it very well. He does very well with other dogs in the home, he likes to follow and do as they do. He has also been around cats and does very well with them too. When Romeo came to us, he did not know how to be held, how to come to you, or how to play. He is warming up to being held but loves to snuggle with you in a chair. He is learning something every day and it is so fun to watch him, his eyes just sparkle. Romeo is happy to sleep with you in bed or go to a kennel that is soft and comfy. He does not go potty in his kennel or overnight. He is good to go outside and potty but is best with a band around him, he obviously was never taught to be potty trained and therefore needs to have someone willing to work with him or use the band. He is such a sweet dog and will make someone a great lap dog; whoever gets to call this dog theirs will fall in love with this sweet boy.

Romeo’s adoption fee is $200 which includes neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, a microchip with lifetime registration, and a free obedience class.

If you’re interested in this great guy who just needs a second chance, please complete an application HERE or email

Dog of the Week: Charley

Julia D Dog of the Week

Hi! My name is Charley Grace, but you can call me Charley. I’m only about 11 months old but have had a rough puppyhood. I was a “backyard dog” during my formative months so I’m wary of humans and scared of a lot of things. I’m slowly learning from my foster family that people are kind; I’m even starting to occasionally sneak up for a pat on the head and a scratch behind the ears. I’m great with other dogs, and I don’t even mind the housecats. I think older kids would be okay; younger ones might be a little too noisy for me. Loud sounds tend to frighten me. My foster mom says my adoptive family must have dogs for me to play with to give me confidence and teach me how to be a dog. A fenced-in yard is also a must so I can feel safe. You should see me play with Legacy (another awesome dog available for adoption from Last Hope!). My foster mom says that I’m a completely different dog when we play together. We don’t live far from each other, so our foster moms let us get together for playdates sometimes. It’s so much fun!  I’m still learning how to live indoors, so my new family should be patient while I keep learning that I need to potty outside. (I do love my crate and I never make a mess in there.) Will someone please give me a chance? I know that I’m not a “typical” dog, but I’m trying so hard to be! Last Hope even offers a free obedience course with my adoption so my family can bond with me. They even said they’ll support my new family for as long as they need to so that I can stay with them forever. Isn’t that awesome?

Charley’s adoption fee is $250 which includes spay surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, a microchip with lifetime registration, and a free obedience class.

If you’re interested in this beautiful girl, please complete an application HERE or email

Happy Tail: Millie

Julia D Happy Tails

Mike and Cheryl were looking to add a dog to their family. They already had Molly (a white Lab/Terrier mix) but wanted to adopt another dog and Cheryl saw Millie’s picture online. They chose Millie because when they met her, her personality was a joy to be around. She is a little shy at first but warms up quickly and is a wonderful and loving happy dog.

Millie is doing great in her new home and they love having her. Both Molly and Millie sleep in bed with Mike and Cheryl, sometimes under the covers even. They report that sometimes their king-size bed is a little too small for all four of them!

The adjustment period has been smooth and went better than they anticipated. Millie is still a puppy and likes to chew on things she’s not supposed to, but they’re hoping she’ll grow out of that habit – soon!

She gives them the cutest look and will rest her head on her foot or sit beside them. She LOVES to run! They are thankful they have a big fenced yard because she can’t run enough and even likes to chase the squirrels. She and Molly play together in the yard and play fetch with balls.

With her being a stray, when they would feed her at first she would inhale her food. She has settled down and, although she still eats fast, she doesn’t inhale her food like she used to. She knows where her next meal is coming from and has relaxed. Cheryl says, “She really is a beautiful dog and we are so happy that she is with us. Between Millie and Molly they keep our house hopping!”

Sounds like Millie has found the perfect forever home! Thanks to Mike, Cheryl, and Molly for opening their hearts and home to Millie!

Donors, This Is For You!

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This month, instead of recognizing one of our amazing volunteers, we’re turning the focus on the donors who support us with monetary donations and donations of items we need. We are so very thankful for ALL the donors who make what we do possible! Whether you’re able to give $5 or $5,000 or a roll of paper towels, every donation counts and we truly appreciate every single one.

Because of the support of our donors, we’re able to save animals that other organizations might have to turn away because the animal has medical issues. Donors make it possible for us to get these animals the care they need and deserve so they can go to their forever homes happy and healthy. Donations enable us to provide much-needed surgeries, dental cleanings, medicine, flea and tick preventives, heartworm preventives, and emergency care when needed.

Our adoption fees cover only the bare essentials for these animals so donations are necessary to keep our doors open and save even the toughest of cases. We recognize that we would literally not have a roof over our heads without the generosity of donors. And we think we have the best donors around! When we need more everyday items for the Adoption Center like laundry detergent, printer paper, bleach, garbage bags, etc. we put out a call on Facebook and the items start showing up at our door.

So this month, we shout a big THANK YOU to everyone who has ever donated anything to Last Hope. Without YOU there would be no US and a lot of homeless pets would not even have a chance at finding a forever home. So pat yourself on the back and know that we appreciate you so much!

Dog of the Week: Lambi

Julia D Dog of the Week

Meet Lambi!! She is an 8-year-old fawn Chihuahua. She came to Last Hope in August when her owner suddenly passed away and was separated from her two friends that she lived with.  Lambi transitioned very well into her foster home.  She came to us already spayed but had a dental to clean and remove some teeth.  In the past two months, Lambi has really opened up and has a great personality.  She gets along with other dogs small- and medium-sized in her foster home.  She doesn’t mind cats, but will give them a warning if they get too close for comfort.    She is potty trained to go outside and also uses puppy pads inside, if needed.  She stays in a kennel during the day if no one is home.  Lambi loves to sleep in bed on her foster mom’s pillow, or under the blankets occasionally.  Lambi would love to find a forever family where she can cuddle lots!  She also does fine with children, just slow introduction and with new people, she will bark until she knows they are ok (she might think she is a guard dog!).  She loves to stroll around the yard with the other dogs and hasn’t been taken on a lot of walks, but LOVES car rides! If she is given a bed to lay on by her humans she is great, but she would really like to be on your lap. She loves her food and treats!

Lambi’s adoption fee is $200 which includes being spayed, being up to date on vaccinations, a microchip with lifetime registration, and a free obedience class.

If you’re interested in this cutie, please complete an application HERE or email