Happy Tail: Murphy (FKA Gilly)

Julia D Happy Tails

About three years ago, Janet had lost a dog about nine months prior and was ready to add a new furry member to her family. She talked to several people who had adopted from Last Hope and decided to take a look at the adoptable dogs on our website.

She found Gilly after a while and completed an adoption application. Janet was contacted by Gilly’s foster mom after her application was approved and they arranged a meet and greet at Janet’s house shortly thereafter.

Janet says Gilly was very shy and wary of humans at that meeting. She wanted to spend a little more time with him so a weekend stay at Janet’s house was arranged. He barely ate during that weekend but they went on long walks and Janet was able to convince him to sleep in her bed with her. He won her heart!

A few weeks later he came to live permanently at Janet’s house. She says it took a while to win his heart and trust but now he is a true mama’s boy!

She decided the name Murphy really fit him so he went from Gilly to Murphy. They attended obedience and agility classes together. They hike and take long walks, he loves to go anywhere in the car, and there is not a squeaky toy that he doesn’t love.

Janet says she can’t imagine her life without Murphy in it. He still remains wary of men and strangers but loves other dogs. She says, “There is not a mean bone in his body. I am a lucky gal!”

Murphy was a rescue from Texas and who knows what happened in his past to make him scared of some people. But Janet has invested the time and love to win over this guy’s heart and it was worth it. Some adopted dogs are able to fit into new home situations more easily than others. The key is to have patience and give the dog time to adjust to the new surroundings. Sometimes they’ve gone through a lot of change and just need time to settle into a new routine and a new life.

Thank you, Janet, for giving Murphy the time he needed to adjust to his new life! We’re so happy things have worked out so well and are grateful for the wonderful home you’ve given him.

Cat of the Week: Thomas

Julia D Cat of the Week

Thomas is a sweet boy who isn’t afraid to tell you what he wants. He’s a talker and will sing to you until he gets his treats or that meal he’s been asking for. He loves a good scratch behind the ear! He would do best in a home where someone is around a lot to keep him company and he has other furry friends. Thomas is about nine years old and would love a forever home!

Thomas’ adoption fee is $85 which includes neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, and a microchip with lifetime registration.

If you think Thomas would fit into your family, please complete an adoption application HERE.

Dogs of the Week: Jim and Leroy

Julia D Dog of the Week

We have two dogs we want to feature this week. They are not related and they don’t need to be adopted together. We just love both of them and wanted to showcase them both.

Come and meet Jim!  He is a one and half-year-old Chihuahua mix.  He loves life!  He is good with cats, kids, men, and especially other dogs.  He loves playing with other dogs, large and small!  He is kennel trained and slept through the night day one!  He’s working on sit and come but we are just in the beginning stages. He stays in his kennel during the day while everyone is at work with no issues.  He chews only his toys and like a puppy is curious about other household objects, but leaves them alone when told.  He loves it best when he can be wherever his human is at.


Introducing Leroy! He is a one-year-old hound mix that was abandoned at a vet clinic in Missouri after a serious injury. Dropped off by his family that never returned to pick him up, left to heal at the clinic that took on the cost and recovery and wanted to see Leroy have a happy ending, they called a local group to help get him into rescue. That group called Last Hope and Leroy’s journey north to a new life began! Being a hound mix, Leroy is a very smart and busy boy. He will need an active family that can keep up with his puppy energy and cuddle with him when it’s time to nap. Leroy is crate trained, loves toys, and potty trained. He does good with other dogs but still likes to play rough like a puppy so if there is another dog, they will need to be tolerant and playful. Cats and smaller pets are not a fit for Leroy as he thinks they are toys to play with and not a family member. He seems to like kids but we recommend kids over 8 as he will probably knock little ones over with all his excitement.

Jim’s adoption fee is $250 and Leroy’s adoption fee is $300. Those include neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations and preventives, microchips with lifetime registration, and a free obedience class.

If you’re interested in Jim or Leroy, please complete an application HERE.


Cat of the Week: Bohden

Julia D Cat of the Week

This sweet little man came out of a pretty crappy situation. But he hasn’t let that affect him. He’s a happy boy and loves to play and get lots of attention. He would do great with other cats in the home and has been around small dogs as well.

Bohden’s adoption fee is $85 which includes neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, and a microchip with lifetime registration.

If you’re interested in this cute guy, please complete an application HERE.

Cat of the Week: Charlee

Julia D Cat of the Week

Charlee is a formerly feral cat who was caught with her baby. She was such a good mama and now she’s looking for her own forever home.

She now trusts and loves her foster mom – and went for a while to a new foster home with older kids, and she also let them love on her and she loved the attention!  She moved back to her former foster home, and she now loves to lay on a lap, she loves to rub your legs, and she lets you pick her up – purring ALL THE TIME!  …  OH, YEAH… & she gives KISSES now, too!!  She will jump on the couch and lay beside you and want some quality snuggle time – and she LOVES to have her belly rubbed, too!

Charlee’s adoption fee is $85 which includes spay surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, and a microchip with lifetime registration.

If you’d like to give Charlee a loving home, please complete an adoption application HERE.




Dogs of the Week: Snow White and Prince Charming

Julia D Dog of the Week

We could never dream of splitting Snow White from her Prince Charming, and we know you wouldn’t either! This charmingly odd couple is a delightful duo in search of one home together. They are a bonded pair, youthful and fun, who enjoy exploring the world together and have yet to meet a stranger they didn’t make fast friends with! Snow White and Prince Charming joined Last Hope with their litter of 7 puppies (named after the 7 dwarves of course!). The puppies have since been adopted and mom and dad are looking for a happily ever after of their own now. Both are great with dogs, kids and likely cats, too. Mom is approximately the size of a small lab, dad is around 50 pounds and seems to resemble a clumber spaniel (although we joke that he looks to be half bowling ball, too!).

The adoption fee for this bonded pair is $450 which includes spay/neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations and preventives, microchips with lifetime registration, and a free obedience class.

If this pair would fit into your home, please complete an adoption application HERE.

Happy Tails: Reggie and Poppy

Julia D Happy Tails

Jason and Christine had lost two senior dogs several months prior to looking for another dog to add to their family. They wanted to find younger dogs and searched online and found Last Hope’s webpage. She found Poppy (formerly Payton) and in the pictures, she looked like she had lots of spunk and charm. Reggie and Poppy had already bonded in their foster home and we wanted them to be adopted together.

Christine said the process to adopt was thorough and that she appreciates the care Last Hope took in finding the perfect home for Reggie and Poppy. After their application was approved it was time for a home visit and Christine was determined that it would go well – she cleaned the house like they were putting it on the market!

The home visit did go well and Reggie and Poppy came to live with Jason and Christine. They say they are doing really well and, important for energetic puppies, are not home alone for more than five hours at a time.

The adjustment period had some minor challenges which are to be expected, but they’ve come a long way in six months and Christine and Jason have loved getting to know them.

Reggie and Poppy demand a lot of exercise but after they are done rough-housing with each other, they are snuggle bears and are convinced they are both big lap dogs! They even bought a new couch so everyone could fit on it at once. During the tough winter, they still went on walks with the proper attire – fleece jackets and booties.

They also love their chew toys and have a complex hierarchy of favorite toys. Reggie and Poppy love to wrestle then curl up together for naps.

Christine says, “We are so thankful to Last Hope for saving Reggie and Poppy. Reggie came to Iowa with his sister Legacy (Lucy). Both were five months old and two days away from euthanasia. Poppy was six months old and since she did not get adopted in time, she was also slated for euthanasia. These dogs are so loving and wonderful it breaks my heart to think they almost didn’t get a chance. Thanks, Last Hope!”

Thank you, Jason and Christine, for opening your home and making room for Reggie and Poppy – they hit the forever home jackpot!


Cat of the Week: Jackie

Julia D Cat of the Week

“Mama Cat” Jackie arrived at Last Hope earlier this year as a young, single mom with six adorable, tiny babies in tow. Although she was a loving and attentive mama cat, Jackie’s work as mama is now done. Her babies have flown the coop, and she can enjoy retirement from parenting responsibilities. Jackie is approximately 1.5 years old. She is a medium size gal, with very soft light grey tabby striped and greenish eyes. She is a bit timid at first with new people but warms up easily. She arches her back and will headbutt your hand for more petting when you stop. Jackie warms up faster to women than men but will warm up to a kind and soft-spoken man, as she did at her foster home.

Jackie is in good health, albeit she has some discoloration in her left eye that the vet felt was probably is leftover from an infection she had as a youngster. It appears to be strictly cosmetic, however, and she does not display symptoms of any visual impairment. Jackie is still young at heart and likes to play with toys as much as she likes to bask in the sunlight. She would be happiest in a home with no dogs, or very mellow cat-savvy dogs. She can be intimidated by boisterous and loud children. She would be happier with older kids and adults. She does get along with most other cats and enjoys their companionship. The ideal situation for her would be a quiet home with one or two other cats.


Volunteer of the Month: Dot Sheldon

Julia D Volunteer of the Month

Fosters Jim and Dwight

Dot Sheldon has been volunteering with Last Hope for about five years and during that time she has been very dedicated and a volunteer we can depend upon. She got involved with Last Hope after hearing a co-worker talk about the organization and asking how she could get involved. That co-worker is now her foster lead.

Previous Foster, Bubbles

Dot has fostered many dogs, helped at a few Barks & Brew events, helped out at some adoption events, and even played Santa one year at Petco for pictures!

When asked why she likes volunteering for Last Hope she said, “I feel like I am making a difference, one or two dogs at s time.  It is such a great feeling when you see one of your fosters go to a furever home and just know it’s a great fit.”

Foster Failure, Bella

In addition to volunteering her time for the animals of Last Hope, Dot is hoping to help raise awareness about the weakness of Iowa’s laws regarding the care of companion animals. She says that everyone needs to contact their representatives in government to let them know the laws protecting animals are unacceptable and need to be improved.

Thank you, Dot, for EVERYTHING you do for Last Hope! You are a valuable volunteer and foster mom.

Dog of the Week: Zora

Julia D Dog of the Week

Hello, my name is Zora and I’m actually younger than I look.  I was born with a naturally white and gray muscle,  I was just born naturally wise beyond my years.  I’ve been good with dogs and cats and all the people I’ve meet!  I lived with a younger docile male dog before.  I may look older but I still have a very playful side to me! Toys are so much fun and I love when you play with me but I’ll entertain myself with them if you don’t want to play.  I love going on walks and I will guide you where I want to go out.  I would love a yard to run in or an active family that wants to work with me on leash walking. I hope I’m the sweet girl you’ve been looking for!  Toenails crossed because I can’t wait to meet you!

Zora’s adoption fee is $250 which includes spay surgery, being up to date on vaccinations and preventives, a microchip with lifetime registration, and a free obedience class.

If Zora seems like the girl for you, please complete an adoption application HERE.