Dog of the Week: Athena

Julia D Dog of the Week

Athena is in need of a foster or adoptive home. She is going to be losing her current foster placement (through no fault of her own) and doesn’t do well in a kennel environment. She’s been doing great in a home and we would like to see her be able to move to another home instead of the Adoption Center.

Athena may be considered a senior dog, but don’t tell her that – she certainly doesn’t feel like a senior! This girl still enjoys playing, giving you a good workout on a leash, and being an all-around spitfire when the mood strikes her! She is a wonderful dog, with just a little gray in the muzzle.   Athena is not a match with cats, they definitely bring out the “chase” in her! Athena could be a match in a home with easy-going dogs that are smaller than her; she’s happy to meet your pooches and see how they all get along.  Athena is best suited with kids 6+ years old, and she does take some daily prescription meds that she will need to continue long-term. Athena is seeking an owner who isn’t gone long days, she’ll enjoy your company too much to have you away after all! She is about eight years old.

Athena’s adoption fee is $250 and includes spay surgery, being up to date on vaccinations and preventives, a microchip with free lifetime registration, and a free obedience class.

If you can foster Athena, please contact us at or comment on this post. If you think Athena might make a good permanent addition to your home, please complete an adoption application HERE.

Happy Tail: Lucy

Julia D Happy Tails

Rod and Wendy found Last Hope through Adopt a Pet and while searching on our website found Lucy (formerly Lily). Wendy thought she had the cutest face and after reading her bio decided they needed to meet her.

Lucy took to her new home with a couple of exceptions. The new, furry cat bed they got just for her? No thanks! At first, the robot vacuum was a no-go but she’s made peace with it and will even dare it to come near her on occasion. On the other hand, the screened porch is a favorite spot to go “outside” and see what’s going on out there. Lucy also loves her scratching posts and uses them enthusiastically.

Now that she’s settled in, Lucy is a happy and healthy cat. She loves to play with her toys. She is the ruler of the house and she’s well aware of it. She is sweet and well-behaved; she never gets up on the counters. She has her favorite places to sleep and even a preferred blanket when it’s time to go to bed.

Lucy has a wonderful temperament and likes to adhere to a schedule. There is a time for treats, time for meals, and a time for bed. And she’s the first cat Wendy met who truly loves to have her belly rubbed! She also loves to play fetch with her little foam balls. They throw them for her and she brings them back to be thrown again. She’ll do that for hours. Perhaps we shouldn’t share this secret about her, but Lucy loves to watch the toilet flush! She’ll stand over it and meow until it’s flushed then watch while the water disappears and comes back again. Perhaps a little less embarrassing is her love for treats and being combed.

Wendy says, “Lucy has brought a lot of joy to us empty-nesters. Last Hope was wonderful to work with on her adoption. We are thrilled with our newest family member!”

We love happy endings like this. Lucy has definitely found a wonderful forever home and she has brought happiness to Rod and Wendy.

Cat of the Week: Lt. Fuzzy

Julia D Cat of the Week

Lt. Fuzzy reporting for duty! Lt. Fuzzy, or LT, is a very energetic, playful, “life of the party” cat. LT only stops being the life of the party when food is involved. He has no stranger danger so in his eyes everyone is a potential new friend willing to give him love and attention. LT enjoys other cats and even dogs if they can respect his space. He needs to be the star he knows he is. At bedtime, you will frequently find LT right next to you ready to be the little spoon. If you are looking for a goofy, attention-loving, young cat then you just HAVE to meet LT. He is about 10 months old.

Lt. Fuzzy’s adoption fee is $100 and includes neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, and a microchip with free lifetime registration.

If you think this soldier could fit in your home, please complete an adoption application HERE.

Dog of the Week: Sedona

Julia D Dog of the Week

Sweet Sedona, aka Nona, has come so far since being rescued after being found fending for herself in a field near Cedar Rapids. Once skin and bones, she has now put on much-needed weight and looks so healthy. Not much is known about Nona other than she ended up in a field in Iowa after being adopted from a shelter in Arizona.  The name and number connected to her microchip claimed they never had a dog, so it was obvious that she was abandoned.

Initially, she had a hard time adjusting to new dogs as it appeared that Nona had been an only dog most of her life.  However, through slow and supervised interactions she has steadily increased her inner circle of dogs to hang out with. Nona is an older gal, at around 9-10 years of age, but a spry one.  Don’t let her age fool you, she has many years of life left.  She is extremely low maintenance and doesn’t require a lot of exercise, although she wouldn’t mind a nice walk around the neighborhood. She is house-trained and never makes messes.  She loves her kennel, although she doesn’t require one when left alone.   But a kennel provides her with added security on those days she’s a little uncertain and fearful of humans. Nona has been let down a lot by humans, so it takes her a while to trust. A home with older adults or empty nesters would be best for her.  A quiet home would provide the most nurturing environment for her.

She seems to prefer the company of older dogs and their “mind your own business” mentality because energetic, in-your-face dogs set off her “fight or flight” mode. It’s apparent that she’s had to fight to survive.  She does redirect beautifully when encounters with “no boundaries, face intruders” occur. No cats or critters for her as she more than likely survived off of them after she was discarded in that field. Nona’s an extremely smart girl with scars and a unique look to her face that makes her look as if she’s always scowling even when she’s happy. She is a barker so no apartment-style living for her because she must alert you to any possible intruders.

This girl has been through a lot, therefore she needs an experienced and dedicated adopter, so we don’t let her down again.  Several meet and greets are required to ensure that it will be a good fit for all.

Sedona’s adoption fee is $200 and includes spay surgery, being up to date on vaccinations and preventives, a microchip with free lifetime registration, and a free obedience class.

If this “experienced” girl seems like a good fit for you, please complete an adoption application HERE.

Cat of the Week: Sparkle

Julia D Cat of the Week

Sparkle is a very active kitty, not quite a year old yet.  She will do great in a home that can offer her lots of kitty enrichment; she loves playing with toys, climbing and exploring, and then settling in to snuggle once she has had her share of exercise. We think Sparkle would do great with a cat exercise wheel, a large window for bird watching, and lots of feathery cat toys!

Sparkles’ adoption fee is $100 and includes spay surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, and a microchip with free lifetime registration.

If you would love a spunky kitty, please complete an adoption application HERE.

Dog of the Week: Louis V

Julia D Dog of the Week

Louis V, which is short for Louis Vuitton, is a timid little guy looking for someone to give him a comfortable home where he can settle in at his own pace.  Estimated to be around seven years old, we don’t know Louis’ full story but from the way that he was found to the way that he acts now, we can only imagine the rough start this little guy has had.  Our best guess is that he was used for breeding; he is very fearful of people and does not seem to be familiar with anything other than hunkering down in a kennel. Louis was on the run in Delaware County for many days before he was caught. He was finally able to be captured when a couple driving down the road saw him sitting frozen in the middle of the road.  When they pulled over to approach him, Louis ran in fear.  With some soft words and slow movements, they were able to gain Louis’ trust and get him safely into their car.

He was so badly covered in fleas and his fur dirty and matted that the water ran red with blood from the fleas. He was so terrified but let us clean and care for him.  In the days that followed we updated his vaccines and transferred Louis into a foster home to let him decompress. Louis is very fearful of the world around him; it seems that he is in a near-constant state of panic or high alert.

In his foster home he has settled nicely into a routine, found companionship in the other dogs in the home, learned to slowly start trusting people, and found a newfound appreciation for younger children.  Louis still startles very easily and when startled his natural reaction is to jump and run away quickly.  Because of this and his history of being so hard to catch, we do think that a fenced-in yard would be safest for him.  He would, however, benefit from a home that would encourage him to go for leash walks and he will need another confident dog to help show him the ropes. As fearful of loud noises and quick movement as Louis is, he has shown very little fear and doesn’t react nearly as much with the young female child in the home.  He lets her approach when he’s eating and has also learned to enjoy snuggling up to her in bed when she sleeps.  He may have found comfort in this young child because she’s an easy target to steal snacks from, but we’d like to believe it’s because he can sense that she won’t hurt him as many humans seem to have done in his past. Louis will be okay in a home with children so long as they will listen when asked to give him a little space.

Louis is neutered but he is not potty trained.  He will dutifully wear a belly band in the home and will follow the other dogs outside to potty.  He can be scared of coming inside at times, but with some gentle coaxing, he comes around quickly. A leash-walking routine may also help him with his potty training! Louis is far from “perfect,” but we know that the perfect home is out there for him.  Someone who will give him the time and love needed to earn his trust will be rewarded with soft eyes and the ultimate bedtime snuggles. Louis will start to show you his playful side, he may steal your dirty socks if they don’t make it into the hamper in time and if you aren’t careful he’ll nab your snack when you aren’t looking! He’s been known to be playful with another friendly dog near his size, even going so far as to play bow and initiate play with them!

Cat of the Week: Strudel

Julia D Cat of the Week

Strudel has used one of his nine lives. Strudel, aka Strudel the noodle, survived being thrown from a second-story window. Super kitty needed lifesaving surgery but has bounced back! He is pure kitten, sweet and spicy! Strudel is loooong and skinny like a ferret. He has a white beard and curly multicolored whiskers. His favorites are toys (literally anything), food (literally anything), and sitting on feet.   Strudel will be friendly with children and do well in a multi-cat home, especially with a playmate. He gets along with a 3-year-old cat; playful but not aggressive. He has never missed the litter box. He cuddles at night. He’s a precious, strong little man who will thrive in a happy home! Strudel is probably a little less than a year old.

Strudel’s adoption fee is $100 and includes neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, and a microchip with free lifetime registration.

If you’d like to make his remaining eight lives happy by having him join your family, please complete an adoption application HERE.

Dog of the Week: Chestnut

Julia D Dog of the Week

Chestnut is a neutered male hound that is approximately 3 years old. He is timid at first but quickly opens up, especially with other dogs. He will be best placed with another confident dog who is happy to play with him. He loves the outdoors and would love a good fenced-in yard. He likes to get into mischief if unattended for very long and will need lots of chew toys but he is already good with being in his crate so this is easily manageable. Chestnut has done doggy daycare and had a great time, too! He is currently in a foster home with other dogs and elementary-aged kids and does great with them all. We’re unsure about cats as Chestnut hasn’t met one yet, but he loves to play hard and then lay around. Chestnut is sweet and well-mannered! Chestnut will be without a foster home soon and we feel he wouldn’t be good in a kennel situation like the Adoption Center. It’s important we find a foster or forever home soon.

Chestnut’s adoption fee is $250 and includes neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations and preventives, a microchip with free lifetime registration, and a free obedience class.

If you’d like to meet this sweetie, please complete an adoption application HERE.


Happy Tail: Otto, Dante, and Felix

Julia D Happy Tails

Jerry and Natalie have been repeat “customers” of Last Hope. They originally adopted senior dog Baxter (who later lost his life to cancer) several years ago. When it was time to add to the family, they came back and adopted Otto, Dante, and Felix. They said they liked that we take such care in finding the right family to adopt.

Two of the dogs are chihuahua-dachshund mixes, Otto (formerly Cisco) and Dante (formerly Chico). The third, Felix (formerly Rocko), is some kind of mixed breed. They like to jokingly say he must be terrier/giraffe/mountain goat/dachshund/cattle dog with bat ears.

Natalie said the transition from Last Hope to their home was very easy and the dogs settled into their new home very quickly. They even learned enough to be calm until after Natalie and Jerry have had their morning coffee! Now they are inseparable which becomes a challenge only when they all join in to bark at a person walking down the street.

All three dogs love to play with toys and will engage in tug-of-war sometimes. They love to run around in the backyard and play-fight in the house.

Natalie says, “We love all our boys. They are all great cuddlers. They are happy and love to play. They’re loving and very sweet.”

All of them are now living the high life in California and we’re glad Natalie and Jerry have provided such a loving home for Otto, Dante, and Felix.

Cat of the Week: Meelah

Julia D Cat of the Week

Meelah is a beautiful dilute torti and is almost 10 years old. She has a wonderfully calm personality and enjoys pets and attention. She would love to be your lap ca, and would enjoy a home with a window of her own to enjoy looking out! Meelah joined Last Hope originally in 2018 and was adopted by a wonderful caregiver. When her person passed away, Meelah was returned by the surviving family members. We find her to be a quiet and affectionate kitty, she is a little overweight but is working on getting to a healthier size and certainly has lots of love to share! Meelah has not lived with other cats or dogs, but given a proper introduction we think she could settle into a quiet home nicely.

Meelah’s adoption fee is $85 and includes spay surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, and a microchip with free lifetime registration.

If you’d like to meet this great lady, please complete an adoption application HERE.