Dog of the Week: Dixie

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If you’re looking for a little lap dog, Dixie is your girl! She is 10 years old and just under 10 pounds. Dixie is a laid-back velcro dog that will follow you from room to room and just wants to be near you. She’s house-trained but refuses to use the dog door and is great in the car. She likes to sleep in bed with you and hang out on the couch and watch TV too. Dixie is great with other dogs, we’re unsure about cats, but would be very surprised if there are any issues, she just so sweet. She enjoys being brushed and especially likes it when you talk to her.

Her foster works from home and she has attended a few work meetings. She was very happy to sit on a lap and listen attentively before snoozing through the rest of the meeting when the discussion failed to enthrall her.   Dixie is spayed and up to date on her vaccinations, but will need daily eye drops for her cataracts, which she takes like a champ. She seems to have some hearing loss, but may or may not be completely deaf. She has had a recent dental that resulted in her losing a lot of her teeth, so she will need soft food and treats. She also had a mammary tumor removed that was pre-cancerous, so she will need regular checkups with a vet.   If you are retired, or work from home and want a little dog to take on adventures, or just wander around the house together, Dixie is the dog for you!

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  1. I met Miss Dixie yesterday at the garden center event in Palo and am in love! I filled out an application and am eagerly awaiting. 🙂

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