Cats of the Week: Leonardo and Michelangelo

Julia D Cat of the Week Leave a Comment

Leo and Mikey are super active young almost adults. They can be very shy and a bit flighty in new situations and with new people, but they are talkative purr monsters and will love on you once they know you. We are still working on lap sitting, but they have bed sharing down solid. They started life outside for their first eight weeks and after they have slowly adjusted to being confident house kitties. Now these two are living the cush inside life. Zoomies and toys, ball pits and cat towers, cardboard scratchers and hammocks. Oh and don’t forget the bird watching! All the things active boys love. Plus the endless supply of food and treats. These boys are VERY food-motivated and enjoy a good game of tag between themselves. Leo and Mikey are very good boys but they are still working on their confidence. They are a bit more outgoing and would love to have a patient parent in their forever home to help continue to build and purrfect their happiness.

The adoption fee for both boys is $100 and includes neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, and a microchip with free lifetime registration.

If you think these boys would add fun and love to your home, please complete an adoption application HERE.

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