Happy Tail: Kylo (FKA Chief)

Julia D Happy Tails

This happy tail is a little different because Alex, the adopter, is a foster for Last Hope. Kylo started out as a foster in her home but she ended up adopting him – what we affectionately call a “foster fail.” But there’s no failure here; Kylo is doing great in his new home.

It all started because Kylo was at Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Center recovering from surgery. Alex was an employee there and met him when she came to work one day. Before interacting with Kylo she was warned that he was very scared and should be treated with caution. But Alex was able to care for him without him growling or showing his teeth at all. She felt like HE had chosen HER. She found out he was an LHAR dog and knew she had to foster him.

Now he’s a permanent part of the family along with Kia, Alex’s other German shepherd. Kylo still has some behavioral challenges but he’s learning every day to trust humans and interact well with other animals.

Kylo is quite a mama’s boy and is very loyal to Alex. She says he acts like a toddler sometimes, which can try her patience but overall he’s a great addition.

He loves playing with his toys and accompanying Alex to work. The employees there love to give him treats while he’s there. He and Kia use the backyard as a racetrack and chase each other around.

Kylo started out with injuries due to a car accident but ended up with a wonderful forever home with Alex. We are so glad he found a soft spot to land with people who love him!