Happy Tail: Dahlia (formerly Midnight)

Julia D Happy Tails

Allison and her family had unexpectedly lost Pouncer, their beloved cat, a couple of years ago. It took time but Allison finally felt like she could love again. She knew they definitely wanted to adopt so she went to PetFinder and found our Midnight. It was during the pandemic so she was unsure how the process would work out. One night they were on the way to Allison’s birthday dinner and they stopped at PetSmart. Midnight was there! She fell in love immediately. And Midnight loved her family, too.

Allison started the adoption process and soon Midnight, now Dahlia, was home. Dahlia had been abandoned in a vacant apartment with another cat but Allison knew it was the end of her rough life – she would be the princess now! She promised Dahlia she would never want for anything ever again. She is quickly loved by everyone she meets and she is now living her best life.

From an abandoned apartment to the lap of luxury, Dahlia is now loved and safe. We’re so glad this tail has a happy ending!