Dog of the Week: Marcelle

Julia D Dog of the Week

Young, fit, family man (and by man I mean dog) in search of a forever home. I’m a recent transport to Iowa from Houston, Texas and I have found that the “Midwestern friendly” really fits me. Someone gave me up to a shelter long before Hurricane Harvey came through town. Once the storm passed, two kind ladies from Last Hope Animal Rescue took me and 12 of my buddies from the shelter so that we could have a better chance of being adopted and to make room for all the dogs that were getting away from the flooding. It was such a relief to get away from the shelter that I cuddled with the ladies up front the whole drive back to Iowa.

As you can probably tell from my lean physique, I am an active guy; I am at my best when I get a few long walks and play sessions a day. A yard is nice, but I really need walkies too. I do okay while my foster mom is away at work 8-5, but she comes home for lunch to take me on a short walk and ask me about my day. If you leave me alone, it would be best to leave me in a crate or a doggy proofed room because I’m still a pup after all. It makes me so happy to be around people and other dogs. I’m eager to please my people, and I never met a food I didn’t like, so I learned “sit” and “down” very quickly and have a lot of potential to learn other commands and tricks. If you adopt me, I would love to take a training class with you right away. I recently found out that not everyone wants to play all the time, so I will need your help to learn how to control my enthusiasm when someone doesn’t want to play (it’s a weird concept to me) or when I am around small children. I’m also still figuring out the difference between toys (can chew) and the things that I shouldn’t chew like shoes and cords — I don’t want to ruin anything important, but when my foster mom put her fluffy slippers right next to my toy, what did she think would happen?

If you’re interested in Marcelle, please complete an application HERE or email