Cats of the Week

Julia D Cat of the Week

We have a whole group of adorable kittens (with equally adorable names!) that we’re featuring this week:




This handsome gray kitten is Bentley.  He is the most wonderful kitten you will ever meet.  He is fearless and outgoing, funny and lovable, the complete package when it comes to personality.  He loves to run and climb and play with toys.  He is an active kitten but also loves to settle next to you to cuddle.  He and his sister, Ferrari, love to have their pictures taken (just not while wearing a flower on his neck).  Bentley pretty much is the life of the party.  He’s cool, confident and lovable.  He is good with dogs, cats and respectful kids.  He would do best in a family that loves to laugh as he will be the source of most of their laughter.




LexusThis beautiful little white with black and gray patches kitten is Lexus.  She was the runt of the litter and half the size of her litter mates.  Lexus is a delicate little dew drop and can be a little timid in busy environments.  She loves to run and play with her siblings but she also loves to nurture them when they need it.  Lexus is a very nurturing kitten for her age and is a wise old soul trapped in a kitten body.  She is litter box trained like her siblings.  Lexus would do best in a low key home that enjoys a slower pace.  She is good with dogs, cats and respectful children.  She would be perfect as a library or office cat.  She is also an expert snuggler.


FerrariThis is Ferrari, she is a dilute calico.  Ferrari is outgoing and full of life.  She likes to climb (to the top of doors) and explore and she is fearless.  She likes dogs and other cats and respectful children.  She is an active little go-getter and loves to perch on your shoulder.  She also loves to do hair, it may not look like you planned it to, but she loves doing it.  She would do best with a family that likes to be entertained, because she IS NOT a boring kitten.  In her down time she enjoys a good nap next to the person she loves.


LincolnThis handsome orange and white tabby is all boy.  Lincoln is a fun loving, rough and tumble kitten that loves to play and climb but also has a soft side to him.  He can be a bit of a nurturer too if he sees someone in need.  Lincoln is good with dogs, cats and respectful children.  He loves to play but is also an expert snuggler during quiet time.  He would be best in a medium activity level family, one that’s not to hectic but also one that’s not too sedentary either.



This little lady is Porsche.  Like her twin sister, she is a dilute calico.  She is a little more shy and laid back than her sister Ferrari.  While she likes to climb and play, she can be a little more reserved than her siblings.  Porsche is good around dogs, other cats and respectful children.  She would do best in a low-key home with someone who likes to cuddle a lot.  She is content with just lying beside you while you read a good book.


ShelbyShelby is a little white with gray tabby.  She is good with dogs, cats and respectful children.  She loves to climb and play with paper and boxes.  She is a medium level activity kitten.  She is a little more laid back and reserved compared to her siblings and she is an expert cuddler.  She would do best in a low key to medium activity level family.  She would not thrive in a high stress level family.  She is litter box trained, as all her siblings are.

If you are interested in any of these kittens, email or complete an application HERE.