Cats of the Week: Zac and Kenny

Julia D Cat of the Week


We got a twofer today with Zac and Kenny…

Introducing ZAC…  A really cute, fun, adorable orange Tabby kitten with some white highlights. And check out those big bright eyes! He was found up in a pine tree with his brother, Kenny. He has adapted great to a home life in his foster home. He loves to play and is the first one ‘in’ when you get out a toy to interact with the kitties. He does well with all the other cats in the foster home, too. When around a respectful young child, he was great because the child loved playing with the kittens and Zac was all in for the attention. When Zac first arrived he was a bit shy and more the ‘explorer’ than a cuddler.  BUT… Zac has come to enjoy a lap and certainly loves pets and kisses!  He is very polite though and will wait for the invitation for his ‘love time.’ He loves treats and Squeeze-Ups are his favorite. He prefers NOT to share these with any other kitty – even Kenny!  Zac is outgoing. He is the first one to try a new toy and give a stamp of approval.  He particularly likes a feather chaser, balls, and a tunnel to run through. He will play as long as you are willing; of course, there is nothing to compare with the fun of playing with his sibling, Kenny!  He loves to wrestle, chase, and sleep with his buddy! These two brothers are quite bonded and we really feel it would be in their best interest to be adopted as a pair. They are about seven months old.


Want to talk about HANDSOME?!  Take a close look at this stunning fur coat Kenny is boasting!  He has a beautiful darker orange, marble-like coat with a very fluffy tail with a tan dip on the end.  His medium hair length adds to his cuteness. He adapted well to life in a foster home.  He loves to play with balls, tunnels, and feather chases.  The most fun is playing with his brother Zac.  When he’s ready to rest, he loves laying on your chest as well as giving you kisses. And yes – he is a cuddler!  If you aren’t there, his brother Zac will do just fine, though. Kenny LOVES Squeeze-Up treats and he thinks they are ALL just for him; that’s one thing he prefers not to share with his brother.  Kenny has been around other cats and does great.  When around a young child, he was great because the child loved playing with the kittens and Kenny was quite happy. Kenny is quite bonded with Zac as they have been through a lot together.

The adoption fee to adopt both cats is $180.00 which includes neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, and a microchip with free lifetime registration.

If you’d like to meet these two hunks, please complete an adoption application HERE.