Cats of the Week: Bodie and Shimmer

Julia D Cat of the Week

Bodie has been a bit of a shy girl since being rescued … but don’t let that fool you!  This gorgeous Dilute Calico loves, Loves, LOVES to be petted, and will turn herself upside down and inside out while she enjoys your attention!  She will even lay her beautiful little head in your hand, too!!    She is super sweet and we truly believe when she gets into a home of her very own and learns to love and trust her new family, this little doll will be a lap kitty who thoroughly enjoys people!  She has started purring A LOT now that she’s gotten to know her foster mom better, too!  She is quite petite – hopefully she puts some weight on pretty soon as right now she is light as a feather!  Her fur is unbelievably soft, too – and the colors of her coat are just beautiful!  You do not find kitties wearing fur coats like hers very often… especially LONG HAIRS!  And did you see those stunning eyes she has?

Shimmer, who we believe is Bodie’s sister, has shown NO ’Tortie-tude’ at all toward her foster mom! She just wants loved on, petted, petted some more and loved on some more – and will give you tiny baby kisses, too!  Her fur is super soft and silky, and if you love running your fingers through soft kitty fur, she will be happy to let you!  She also purrs easily and often – and what better sound is there but the soothing purr from a content kitty?!  She does enjoy batting toys around – so there is a playful side to this little sweetheart, too!

Their foster mom is spoiling Bodie and Shimmer with canned food at night, and they sure have been enjoying that treat!  We only have an idea of what their former life must have been like, but their first mama must have shown them some love and affection because they aren’t afraid to accept it if it is offered!  We think they are about 2 1/2 years old as of July 2017, and they seem quite attached to each other.  They may do best adopted together… they snuggle and groom each other all the time; if they have been together their entire lives, which is probably the case, they would probably do much better adapting to their new home environment and family if they had each other to rely on.

If you’re interested in Bodie and Shimmer, please complete an application HERE or email