Cat of the Week: Larry

Julia D Cat of the Week

Hey there people! My name is Larry, the Squaw Creek Sewer Cat, but my foster mom calls me Ducha. It is an Old Celt word for black and she thinks it suits me more. Even though different doctor places have said I am between 1 and 3 years old, mom thinks I am more like 7 to 8 months old. I have been growing a lot as I get healthier and I love to play and chase with my foster sisters. They are older and faster than me, but I am getting sneakier. I am learning to be patient and butt wiggle before I pounce. I was found around the 19th of November by some super cool humans out at Squaw Creek Park. They saw me dragging my back legs towards a sewer pipe. I was naughty and scared, so I wouldn’t come out, but they gathered up some friends and finally caught me. I was really sick, super skinny, stinky, covered in flea bugs and had a big owie on my back – oh! and I couldn’t walk – my back legs didn’t work. The cool humans took me to a big hospital to start getting better. They named me Larry and started torturing and feeding me. They killed all my bugs, put tubes in my arms to give me medicine and gave me yummy food. They also shaved the place on my back where my owie was, and think it was maybe caused by a big bird trying to steal me.

After a few days, Aunty Jan from Critter Crusaders brought my foster mom to meet me and my life started to get better. It has taken me a while to get better, a couple of more trips to the hospital, the indignity of wearing human baby diapers and onesies before I could walk well enough to get to my kitty box and different meds for different ickys! But, I can walk and weeble-wobble run now. I jump onto mom’s lap, chase my sisters, and am learning quickly how to be a cat. Now to the important stuff….. my dream home would not have tiny little people as they might accidentally step on me. My reaction times are a little slow. I am fine with other kitties, but have not been around dogs, so I don’t know if I like them or not. I am also not sure about men, and even need a few minutes to warm up to women, but a little patience will get you head butts and purrs…….did I mention I like to purr and talk? I do, a lot. Do you have room in your heart to help me continue to heal and grow? I would love to meet you if you do.

If you’re interested in Larry please complete an application HERE or email