Cat of the Week: Idgie

Julia D Cat of the Week


There’s something truly special about Idgie, besides the fact that he has perfect house manners, fur as soft as a baby chinchilla’s, is perfectly gentle when playing and has a “come what may” personality, there’s more to him than that.  Maybe it’s his wise-beyond-his-years personality, maybe it’s his confident presence or it could just be his laid back approach to life.  Whatever it may be, he is one remarkable kitten.

Idgie’s beginnings are unknown.  All that is known is that he was hanging out at a church for several days until he followed a woman home where her dog made it clear that he wasn’t welcome.  That didn’t discourage him though, he still tried to get inside, away from the bitter cold.  Bless the woman who called us to pick him up because she must have sensed that there was something wonderful about him too and that he deserved more than what life was offering him at the time.

After he arrived at his foster home, it was apparent that he was once a house cat, that he once had a home to shelter him and a person to feed him.  He was already litter box trained, already knew to stay off the counters and already knew how to show his appreciation for those who were caring for him. When you adopt Idgie, you will not be just adopting a kitten, you will be adopting something far more special than words can describe.

If you’re interested in learning more about Idie, please email or complete an application HERE.

Idgie 2