Volunteers of the Month: Regina and Chuck Everhart

Julia D Volunteer of the Month

Regina and Chuck have been volunteering for about three years. They have always taken in strays and provided shelter and food for community cats. A couple of years ago they found two groups of kittens that had been dumped. Some were too young and needed bottle feeding while others were obviously not well. Regina says, “Last Hope stepped up and helped us with them.  We were so impressed with the compassion Last Hope showed for them all, that we felt it was an organization we wanted to be part of.”

When they began volunteering they started by cleaning cages and socializing the LHAR cats housed at Coralville PetSmart. They also transported cats to IHA and took rescued cats and kittens to the Adoption Center for evaluation and/or foster placement.

One FIV+ cat had to be segregated and stole their hearts. They are retired and their kids are grown so they had three extra bedrooms. One of those became his room. He was adopted soon after that. It wasn’t long after that that some orphaned kittens were found and they took them in because none of the local fosters had room and they needed a foster experienced with bottle feeding. Regina and Chuck took in the four kittens. Regina says, “When we went to our cabin at the lake, they went with us.  It was one of the most rewarding things we have ever done. Since then, we have taken several fosters. They are all part of the family until they find their own furever homes.  We currently have 4 fosters that are on medication and love them dearly.”

They have made lifelong friends with some people at Last Hope as well as memories of their foster cats that they will cherish forever.

We are lucky to have volunteers like Regina and Chuck because they have a wealth of experience and love the cats they foster. Their dedication and willingness to help is priceless. Thank you Regina and Chuck, for all you do!