Volunteer of the Month: Pam Kabela

Julia D Volunteer of the Month

Pam Kabela has been fostering cats and kittens for a year and a half for Last Hope. She takes on pregnant mamas and newborn babies.

It all started with Shiloh, a cat she rescued from work. Shiloh had four babies but took on an additional four babies from another mother cat that couldn’t care for them. Shiloh continues to help out with kittens.

Pam says she has learned a lot from her fellow volunteers and loves caring for the mommies and babies. She loves the excitement in the new family’s faces, although she does shed a few tears when she has to hand them over. But she’s happy for all when a cat finds a forever home.

Caring for newborn kittens takes a lot of dedication and patience. We are lucky to have volunteers like Pam to help with the little ones and their moms. Thank you for all you do, Pam!