Volunteer of the Month: Laura Bryant

Julia D Volunteer of the Month

Laura started volunteering for Last Hope in 2011 when her dog was at Cedar Run for doggy daycare and Sonia asked Laura if she wanted to help out at Last Hope. She began by creating flyers and fostering “just over the holidays.” Famous last words! Laura has fostered 23 animals so far, ranging from all sizes of dogs to a chinchilla! She’s helped with flyers, adoption events, she currently handles the deposits every Friday and does matchmaking making sure that the animals are matched with perfect forever homes.

She loves helping the animals and making a difference in their lives. A lot of the adopters text her with pictures and updates and she loves that!

“My passion for saving and helping animals is part of who I am. In Last Hope I’ve found a bunch of like-minded people who¬†are all doing their best to make a difference in the lives of animals. Being able to take action and make a difference is extremely important to me, and Last Hope has given me a perfect outlet. Even when it’s hard, and confusing, and disorganized, I’m still proud of our group and our rescue efforts. Rescue is often difficult, rarely convenient, seldom comfortable, and always worth it!”

Thank you, Laura, for all you do for the animals!