Volunteer of the Month: Eric Ignarski

Julia D Volunteer of the Month

Eric Ignarski is a recent Cedar Rapidian having moved to the area in May of 2022. Shortly after moving here, he signed up to be a volunteer for Last Hope and has been helping with the cats since June. He’s only been here a short time but he’s already made quite a difference at the Adoption Center.

In addition to the usual tasks of giving food and water, cleaning litter boxes, general cleaning, etc., he also has the initiative to take on tasks that will make things easier for everyone. He spent time organizing the wet cat food so it would be easier to find the kind of food that is needed. Eric also got rid of the old, worn-out cat trees and replaced them with newer ones so the cats could enjoy their time waiting for forever homes. And recently he cleaned and organized the intake room.

When asked why he likes to volunteer, Eric said, “I just like to have the opportunity to give back. I want all the cats to get homes or be in a room and not a cage, but I feel good when my shift is over and I’ve left them better than I found them.  They’ve been tended to and are napping away the afternoon!  It puts a smile on my face.”

Eric is the best kind of volunteer – he sees when things need to be done and does them. He not only helps the cats, he also helps out fellow volunteers. Thank you for all you do, Eric!