Volunteer of the Month: Connie Menting

Julia D Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to our Volunteer of the Month for June, Connie Menting! Let’s learn a little bit about how Connie contributes to Last Hope…

Connie volunteers as a foster and has been doing so for just over four years. She takes in smaller dogs and dogs that need a little extra love like dogs from puppy mills, non-house trained, abused, biters, etc. She works with them to get them used to living in a home and gives them the love they need and deserve. She helps them trust people again and gets them ready for their forever homes.

She has fostered many dogs and helped 48 of them find their perfect forever families. Connie takes her time to find the right homes for the dogs she fosters.

About Last Hope she says, “I like volunteering by fostering for LHAR due to their support system.  Having foster leads, intake people, excellent medical advise, adoption event coordinators, and a dog trainer who volunteers to give classes to fosters and newly adopted dogs.  Let’s not forget the groomers who donate their skills to make them look like a million dollars.    It takes a village, LHAR, to get one dog ready for their new forever home.  I am proud and honored to be part of that team.”

Thank you, Connie, for giving that extra love that these dogs need! You’ve truly made a difference in the lives of many animals.