Happy Tail: Rudy

Julia D Happy Tails

Rudy, being a smaller dog, was in high demand here at Last Hope. Connie was originally searching for a Shih Tzu to adopt but came across Rudy’s picture and it was love at first sight! Because of the demand for smaller dogs, Connie feels honored that she was chosen to be Rudy’s human.

Rudy fit into her home right away and he’s being spoiled by Connie and she likes it that way. She says he makes a great cuddler and will curl up on her lap and lick her ears. He keeps her entertained, too. He loves to toss his toys across the room when playing. He wasn’t a big fan of riding in the car at first, but he loves it now. He loves a good session of tug-of-war and just sitting and looking out the window.

We’re so glad that Rudy and Connie found each other and that Connie is giving Rudy such a wonderful home!