Happy Tail: Obi-Wan Kenobi (FKA Denton)

Julia D Happy Tails

Denton was one of a large litter of puppies Last Hope brought up from Texas along with their mother, Leta. Heather, Dave, Tyler, and Kurtis selected Denton because he was labeled as “failure to thrive.” Tyler, the son of Heather and Dave, was once put in that category and he’s now a six-foot-tall basketball player so they felt it was meant to be with Denton.

Tyler and Kurtis decided to pick a new name for Denton when he came to live with them and they selected Obi-Wan Kenobi like the character in Star Wars. They call him Obi for short.

They had a little bit of a rocky start with Obi because he had pretty intense separation anxiety. But the family worked through it and established a good routine and everyone is happy and healthy now. Grandma Vicki is part of that routine – she comes over to let Obi outside every day and he loves his grandma!

Obi loves to run in the yard and chase balls, go for walks, ride on the canoe, and snuggle UNDER the covers at bedtime. Oh, and let’s not forget his penchant for socks. He loves to steal socks! But he felt a little bad about always stealing socks so the family found pairs of socks under the Christmas from Obi this past Christmas ;-).

The family loves the joy Obi has brought back to their lives. Before adopting Obi, they had Jack who had passed away. They of course still miss Jack, but the young energy Obi has brought to the house is very welcome. And his claim to fame? He can say, “I love youuuuuu!”

And we love the family for giving Obi such a wonderful forever home and for having the patience and understanding to work through his separation anxiety issues in the beginning.