Happy Tail: Murphy

Julia D Happy Tails

Molly had been looking on social media and PetFinder for a dog to add to their family. She saw Prince Charming and Snow White but they were originally listed together and she knew they weren’t ready to bring two dogs into their home. She kept looking and one day noticed that the two dogs were listed separately and she knew they had to meet them to see which one would fit best into their family. They met Prince Charming at a PetSmart event and they fell in love with his goofy smile and need for constant belly rubs!

The family (Molly, Sean, and McKayla) fostered him first because they already had four pets in their home and they wanted to make sure he would fit in well. After about a month of everything going well, they made it official and adopted him. He is now known as Murphy and they absolutely adore him.

Molly says, “Murphy is the snuggliest dog I have ever met! He always knows when one of us needs some extra attention and he loves to be the little spoon! He also almost always has his tongue hanging out, and we affectionately refer to it as his ‘blep.'”

Murphy loves going to the dog park, playing with rope toys, cuddling, and watching the cat hunt bugs.

He may not be named Prince Charming anymore, but he sure ended up with a “happily ever after!” We’re so glad Molly was persistent in her search and her family gave him such a wonderful forever home. Happy life, Murphy!