Happy Tail: Ivy

Julia D Happy Tails

In 2018, Sandy adopted Ivy and has enjoyed getting to know her idiosyncrasies. Here is what the experience has been like in Sandy’s words:

She is so much fun to walk with.  I haven’t had a hound for several
years and I’d forgotten just how much fun walking a hound can be.
Sometimes she wants to go her way and if I insist on going my way she
just sits down.  So I offer her a treat and she comes my way.  I get
so much joy out of hearing her snort and snuffle with gusto as we
walk.  She has plenty of critters out here to track.  Deer, squirrels,
rabbits, turkeys.

She’s like so many old dogs I’ve had – bossy at times.  I usually fed
my other dogs twice a day. early morning and around 5 in the evening.
Ivy insists that she needs to eat earlier.  So I feed her at 4:00 now.

Most of the dogs I’ve had before I raised from puppies so I knew their
language.  Since we didn’t get Ivy until she was 10 1/2 years old it
took me a while to figure out what she was trying to tell me..  We
both got a little frustrated, but we learned.

She is joy and the light of my days.

Thank you, Sandy, for adopting Ivy and giving her such a great home!