Happy Tail: Holly

Julia D Happy Tails

Brittney and Phil researched the area before moving to Cedar Rapids seven years ago and found Last Hope during that research. They already had a rescue dog, Molly, so they somewhat knew what the process was like. “We appreciate that Last Hope is serious about finding the best home for their pets, rather than just finding any home that will take them. This adds some time to the process, but it’s worth it for the pets. By the time we finally got to bring Holly home, we were very excited to have her.”

When asked about the adjustment period we were asked, “What adjustment period?!” Holly settled right into her new home and immediately knew which bed was hers and what toys she preferred. She and Molly got along great from the first meeting.

Holly is smart, weird, playful, and energetic, yet can calm herself down when necessary. She has the typical “talking” habit that most huskies have, especially when she wants to go outside and play in the snow. She loves meeting new people and dogs and in fact accompanies Brittney into the office at least one day a week and loves getting pets from the students and co-workers. Holly is a fast learner and easy to train. She’s very chill and just goes along with whatever is happening as long as she’s with her people.

Holly loves running, either with Phil or at the dog park. She tries to initiate play with the dogs at the dog park and makes sure that she and Molly have a play session every morning while their people make coffee. Oddly, she also loves laying on toys and sitting on tables to look out windows!

It sounds like Holly has a very full and exciting life and we are thankful that Brittney and Phil love and care for her so well.