Happy Tail: Heshy and Freya

Julia D Happy Tails


Jim and Irene found Last Hope after an internet search for local rescues; they were looking to add to their fur family. They found Heshy (a dog formerly named Hershey) and Freya (a cat formerly named El). They liked what they saw and started the adoption process. When asked what the process was like Jim responded, “The process was straightforward but very thorough, as it should be. The dogs and cats at Last Hope have been through enough. It’s incredibly important to find the right homes for them.” We’re grateful when people realize our adoption

Freya and Scout

process is comprehensive because we have the pets’ best interests in mind.

After the adoption was finalized, Heshy and Freya came home. There was basically no adjustment period necessary for Heshy. At the first meeting, he came into their house and promptly jumped on the bed in the bedroom waiting to get petted! Freya was a little different. She was fearful at first and hid for the first two weeks. But they gave her time and space and she came around and ventured out to the rest of the house. Jim said that once she came out and felt safe, her true fun-loving nature just kept blossoming.

Heshy and Scout

Now that they are part of the family, Heshy and Freya are doing great. Freya has an amazing personality and loves to play. She particularly likes chasing the laser pointer red dot. She snuggles with Heshy and Scout, their 17-year-old rescue cat. Heshy is the sweetest dog ever and everyone from their neighbors to their dog walkers have fallen in love with him. He loves to go out and about and meet new people. He also enjoys hanging out with Jim and his friend when they play music. He’s their biggest fan!

Jim and Irene have a full house, and we suspect full hearts, with Heshy, Freya, Scout, and Beasley (their other dog). We love success stories like this and know Freya and Heshy will live happy lives with Jim and Irene. A big thank you to them for opening their home to two of our pets and so obviously loving them.