Happy Tail: Harley and Hawkeye

Julia D Happy Tails

Teresa adopted Harley and Hawkeye and wanted to share their very happy tail so she helped Harley write their story…

My name is Harley, and it’s been a year since Mom adopted my brother, Hawkeye and me.  I’m so glad she took both of us….I think she originally was just thinking of adopting me, but when she heard our story of being abandoned together in a trailer and found emaciated, she just couldn’t separate us.  I’m glad she didn’t and I think she is, too.

It’s been such a fun year and we’ve learned so much.  My mom figured out quickly that we definitely have two different personalities; she calls me the uber dog:  Uber energy, uber curiosity, uber smart, uber affectionate.  I guess it’s the smarts and curiosity that helped me figure out things like how to open doors and stuff like that!  My brother is the gentle one:  Calm, obedient, cuddly.

During the week, we’re at our house and get to play out in the yard and have all kinds of comfortable places to sleep.  The best is sleeping curled up right next to Mom at night.  I’m not sure if she can move at all when we’re sleeping because we have her sandwiched in, but we like it!  On the weekends, we get to go to Grandma’s house and our other house on a lake.  Grandma’s is fun because she pays so much attention to us and there’s a big yard to play in and she always has a treat for us.

But I think the lake house is the best.  We get to go swimming in the lake and play on the beach and just people watch from the deck.  But best of all we get to go running on the trails.  It’s so fun…we get to run free on the trails and there’s water and fields and woods to play in.  Our favorite thing to do is run as fast as we can for a long ways and then we get to stop and smell all of these smells while Mom catches up with us.  Then we do it again!  By the time we get home, we’re beat and love to take a nap out in the sun.

Thanks Last Hope for taking us in when you did…I don’t know if we would’ve made it otherwise.  And thanks to our foster family for loving us back to health.  And most of all, thanks for finding our Mom.  We love her and let her know that every day.  Life is good!