Happy Tail: Chloe (fka Tama)

Julia D Happy Tails

Matt and Breanna already had adopted a dog, Cory, and they were looking for a companion for him that would complement their family. We had posted a letter to Santa from Chloe (Tama at the time) listing all the things she wanted in a family. Matt and Breanna saw it and felt Chloe might be the dog for them.

Chloe had been dumped in the woods with a littermate so she had a rough start in life.

She could be a little scared of new people and situations so we told them to take it slow and be patient with her. Well, that kind of flew out the window when Chloe and Cory met! Chloe was shy at first with Breanna and Matt, but she immediately started playing with Cory. With Cory’s help, Chloe was able to adjust very quickly to her new family. She would see Cory going to the door with his tail wagging to greet new people so she did the same. Everything Cory did, Chloe mimicked and it really helped her adjustment and helped her get over her fear of new people.

They love her playful and spunky spirit. She is friendly, goofy, and excitable. Chloe and Cory get to go to the dog park pretty much every day and that helps Chloe get rid of some of her crazy energy. She is also a big cuddler and can go from wild to mellow in an instant.

She loves her trips to the dog park, playing with toys (although stuffed ones are now off-limits because she likes to eat them!), sunbathing, and playing some more.

Chloe really hit the jackpot with Matt, Breanna, and Cory; they all make a great forever family. Thank you for helping her to blossom and grow and know the love of a family.