Happy Tail: Benny

Julia D Happy Tails

Anna had been wanting to adopt a cat. One day she was in PetSmart and they gave her information about Last Hope and the adoption process. She completed an application and was approved to adopt. Shortly after that, she was contacted to set up a time to meet the kitties at the Adoption Center.

Anna would like to say she chose Benny but really Benny chose her. She and a volunteer were setting up times to meet some cats that were in foster care when Benny started pawing at the glass door. The volunteer let him out into the room because he was a very social kitty and just wanted to see what was going on. He walked right up to Anna to say hello. Her roommate was also there and she took pictures of Benny with Anna. At one point, Anna held him up and looked him in the eyes and she just knew he was going to be her new best friend. Her roommate caught the moment in a picture and Anna says you can see the pure joy of love in her eyes while looking at him. He is FIV positive but Anna didn’t hesitate for a minute.

When Benny came to live with Anna the adjustment went smoother than she thought it would. He cried the whole car ride home so she was nervous he would


just hide when they got home. But as soon as she got him home and opened his carrier he walked right into her lap and started purring very loudly. He then went to explore his new home and never did hide!

Benny is doing very well in his forever home and Anna can’t imagine life without him. He quickly became king of the house and gets along with every person he meets. He loves to be around people so any time a new person walks through the door, he’s the first to greet them.

Benny is the first to say good morning and the last to say goodnight. He always seems to know when Anna is having a bad day and is really good about finding her, laying on her chest, and purring until she feels better. He is a major snuggle bug and is always down to cuddle.

Benny loves to birdwatch. He has a perch in the window where you can almost always find him. He is also a big napper; if he’s not watching birds he most likely is curled up on his perch or on his bed in the rocking chair (which is now *his* rocking chair!). He also loves to play with his toys, especially any that dangle in front of him and move.

Anna and Benny are doing great and we’re so glad they found each other. Benny is now living the good life and Anna has a great study partner!