Happy Tail: Beans (FKA Lucky)

Julia D Happy Tails

It was the peak of the pandemic when Jason and Samantha decided to adopt a cat. They did what we hope every potential adopter would do: Really thought through the kind of pet they wanted and what traits would fit best into their lifestyle. Because of the pandemic, they were not able to meet Beans (formerly Lucky) before the adoption. But the foster mom, Jody, really helped them get to know Beans through videos and giving them information about what kind of cat she is. Samantha said the process was deliberately kind of slow – but slow for the best reasons. She felt that Last Hope really cared about placing pets in the right home, not just any home. They appreciated the time and care we took in matching pets with families.

It took Beans a few days to get settled into their home but soon she was napping in the sunlight on the floor. Jason and Samantha made sure she had plenty of appropriate places to scratch and also space to be alone when she wanted. She likes to follow a schedule and always wakes them up at 8:00 with purring.

Beans loves to hang out with them on the couch watching TV. She likes to watch Disney movies with cats in them! She loves her wand toy and fake mice and absolutely loves being brushed. But her favorite thing seems to be snuggling with them at night. Jason and Samantha love everything about Beans and are happy she is schedule-driven and that her schedule meshes with theirs so well.

Jason and Samantha really thought about what kind of pet would fit best into their lifestyle before going through the adoption process. We wish everyone would put that much consideration into it when thinking of adopting. Beans is a very lucky kitty!