Good Intentions

Julia D Article

Last Hope was asked back in November of 2016 to help with a hoarding case.  The woman who was living in the home became ill and had to go into assisted living.  Her two daughters went to the residence after she was placed in the center and were shocked by what they found.  Their mother had stopped letting them in the residence years ago, but they had no idea how bad it was.  Something that started as good intentions had gotten out of hand and there were at least 20 cats needing our help.  Last Hope representatives went to the residence to get a better idea of the situation and the conditions.  Our hearts were immediately broken for the precious kitties living there.  They were living in a world where there wasn’t a clean place to eat, sleep, or go the bathroom.  Clean water was a dream come true.  Basking in the sun of an open window wasn’t even possible.

It was a huge rescue mission that took months and involved a coordinated effort between multiple organizations throughout Iowa and Minnesota.  We also received a grant from PetSmart which helped us with some of the basic vet care.  We couldn’t have accomplished it without all these groups!  We ended up saving 34 cats from the residence.  Most of them had medical issues, some very minor, but others more severe and may not have made it without our intervention.  This case wasn’t without some heartbreak and tears, but it also gave us happy endings which will inspire us for years.  

We have found forever homes  for many of these kitties.  They came out of their shells and are thriving in their forever homes.  Some of our more severe medical cases have made amazing recoveries!   It was incredible to watch what proper vet care can do.  We still have some of these kitties available and are looking for their special, forever homes.  The kitties upstairs in the house had spent years without having a lot of human contact and came to us very scared and are still adjusting to what life is supposed to be like.  We know there are the perfect homes out there for them.  They just need a little patience and the love they have been longing for. 
If you would like to meet some of these special kitties still looking for people to give them the forever homes they deserve, please contact us at  We would love to tell you more about them and their story.