Dog of the Week: Chewy

Julia D Dog of the Week

Chewy originally joined Last Hope in 2018 and was quickly scooped up by an adopter. Chewy enjoyed many years with her owner, who unfortunately passed away very suddenly this October 2023. Chewy returned to Last Hope, broken-hearted but hopeful that we could again find her a person to love and cherish her.    Chewy is approximately 10 years old. She’s seeking a person who enjoys a lap dog and wants a true blue companion to follow them dutifully, keeping their lap warm and even better if you’re always willing to share your bed, as well as any late-night snacks you might have! Chewy is polite with other animals, but once she finds her person she prefers not to have to share their attention. She does need a dachshund-savvy owner who will provide her with stairs/ramps to navigate your home, as she’s adventurous and knows no limits when it comes to jumping off the furniture. A few well-placed pet stairs would help to keep her long dachshund back healthy for many more years to come!    Chewy would prefer an owner who is not gone long hours, and although she will kennel she does so begrudgingly. Chewy is a quiet dog but will bark to communicate with you in true doxie style, so you’ll always know when she’s hungry or if someone’s at the door!

Chewy’s adoption fee is $250 and includes spay surgery, being up to date on vaccinations, a microchip with free lifetime registration, and a free obedience class.

If this long-necked, short-legged beauty might fit into your home and heart, please complete an adoption application HERE.