Cats of the Week: KITTENS!

Julia D Cat of the Week

They’re adorable. They’re playful. They will entertain you for hours. THEY ARE KITTENS!

We have plenty of kittens ready NOW for adoption. Different colors and personalities but all are precious. The kittens we’re highlighting today are:

Gemma: Black and white. Gets along with all humans, cats, and dogs. Very playful and receptive to being picked up and held. Loves to cuddle up with her foster humans at night. About four months old.

Jackson: Black and white. About six months old.

Leprechaun: Orange. Still living with some littermates and mom. They get the zoomies and run all over the house together. About six months old.

Hazel (Haze): Male, brown tabby. Loves to play and loves kids especially. Would do great in a home with a dog or with a cat that likes to wrestle. About five months old.

Jon Snow: Brown tabby. Loves to play with toys and wrestle with his brother, Bran. They would make a great pair if you’re looking to add two kittens to your home. About five months old.

Bran: Brown tabby. Jon Snow’s brother. The two of them will keep you in stitches and on your toes as they explore their home and play with each other. About five months old.

Ziggy: Brown tabby. Will sit and look out the window for hours. About seven months old.

Dottie: Black and white. Adorable, sweet kitten. About seven months old.

Jenny: Tortoiseshell. Spunky and fun. Loves humans and to climb as high as she can get. About six months old.

If any of these kitties sound like a good fit for your home, please complete an adoption application HERE. Their adoption fee is $100 (you get a discount if you adopt two!) and includes spay/neuter surgery, being up to date on vaccinations and preventives, and a microchip with free lifetime registration.