Cats of the Week: Blackie and Panther

Julia D Cat of the Week

Blackie has the cutest and most inquisitive face! She loves to roll over belly-up and knead her paws in the air, especially in a ray of sunshine. She loves to be petted and goes crazy for catnip. She’s very playful and will be seen often with a play mouse in her mouth.  Blackie is very timid and shy yet is very gentle and lets you pick her up without any protest. She has one of the loudest purrs we’ve heard. She is very good with other cats and children but would need an adjustment period to rambunctious children. Loud noises tend to make her hide.

Panther has the softest and the silkiest fur and loves to have it petted and groomed. If you’re looking for a cat who is constantly in the same room as you, this is your girl! She will follow you around everywhere, including curling up by your feet to keep you warm at night. She loves to watch the birds out the window and enjoys stalking ladybugs in the hot sun on the window. She doesn’t protest being picked up and would rather sit next to you verses on your lap. Panther is very playful and is constantly moving her toys in different areas of her foster mom’s house.

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