Cat of the Week: Big Foot

Julia D Cat of the Week

The elusive Big Foot has been spotted! True to legend, he is larger than life and surprisingly loves people and interacting with them.  Don’t let his Grumpy Cat face fool you, this boy is a big softy!    Big Foot is a young adult, guessed to be around 2-3 years old.  His few years of living as a ‘lone wolf’ have stuck with him, so he is seeking a home where he can be the only cat.  We aren’t sure how he’ll do with dogs, but he’s got a large personality so he may well give them a run for their money!  Big Foot likes to laze around during the day, he isn’t much of a high-activity cat but sure enjoys a chance to stretch his legs and explore around the house. Big Foot has a small cyst on his head, we were sure he was going to sprout a unicorn horn from this but our vet assures us that it’s a benign cyst that could be removed for cosmetic reasons if a person so desired.