Marnie’s Happy Tail

Julia D Happy Tails

Travis and Haley had four cats (Lana, Bella, Kitty, Gilly) but were looking for a playful companion for their three-year-old Lana. They knew someone who had adopted a dog through Last Hope so they were looking on our website when they saw Marnie (formerly Fern) and she just “spoke” to Haley. They submitted an application and before they knew it, Marnie was coming home with them!

At first, there was some hissing when Marnie came into the house, but that soon subsided and now all the cats get along fine. Marnie and Lana are thick as thieves and often patrol the house together and partake in some friendly wrestling.

Marnie’s favorite toys are crumpled up receipts and she can often be seen carrying one around or batting it around the house. Travis and Haley have been doing some remodeling and Marnie is always inspecting their work and checking to see what Dad is up to!

Haley says, “Marnie is a real sweetheart and champion cuddler and napper. She’s playful and funny and the perfect addition to our family.”

Travis and Haley were looking for a kitten to be a playmate for Lana and they found just that in Marnie. And Marnie got a wonderful, loving home in which to thrive. It’s a perfect match!