Cats of the Week: Blackie and Panther

Julia D Cat of the Week

We have two wonderful cats to feature this week: Blackie and Panther. We would like to see them go to a home together (though not required) because we feel it would make the transition smoother.

Blackie and her buddy Panther are presently living in a foster home. Her foster mama prefers to call them Silky and Shiny. Blackie has the shiniest fur and loves to have it petted. She loves belly rubs and rolls on her back while kneading her paws in the air. Blackie is very timid and shy yet is very gentle and lets you pick her up without any protest. She has one of the loudest purrs we’ve heard. She enjoys playing and pouncing fleece ribbons. She is very good with other cats and children but would need an adjustment period to rambunctious children. Loud noises tend to make her hide.

Panther has the softest and the silkiest fur and loves to have it petted and groomed. Once she gets to know you and feels comfortable in her surroundings, she will start purring and come to greet you as soon as you’re home or enter the room. Panther will follow you everywhere and loves to watch out the window. She doesn’t mind being picked up or held like a baby but would prefer to sit next to you rather than directly on your lap. She also loves pouncing and attacking fleece string and ribbons.

If you’re interested in Blackie and Panther please complete an application HERE or email