Volunteer of the Month: Lori Arbuckle

Julia D Volunteer of the Month

Over 10 years ago Lori was working for Friends of the Shelter in Vinton when she met our founder, Sonia. Sonia asked Lori and her husband to foster a very ill dog, Lottie. Week after week Lottie got stronger and stronger and was able to live a happy life for about four and a half years and was adopted by Lori before she had to make the tough decision to let her die with dignity. Lori has since become a foster home for many animals that are not adoptable because of extreme health issues.

Lori is on the Board of Directors who make decisions about the direction Last Hope is moving, they set processes and procedures for foster homes and lead fosters, and they educate families in the community. She also is the Medical Coordinator for Last Hope which includes scheduling all animals for medical treatment, arranging spay/neuter surgeries, making sure they all have their vaccines on schedule, and testing for heartworm and Felv-Fiv. Lori also orders all the medications that are needed and picks up the meds. She makes sure all animals have received the necessary veterinary care before they are made available for adoption and helps with the financial record keeping for all the healthcare. And Lori also works with the foster homes when they have health issues arise with their foster animals.

Lori says, “Last year Last Hope spent over $200,000 for veterinary care and without our great donors and grant money we would not be able to do what we do for the animals. You can always go to www.adopthope.org and make a donation to help us care for the animals. Last Hope is a 501C3 organization and we run on donations and grants and have no paid employees.”

She also helps with fundraising and has implemented two new fundraising events and has written grants when we needed additional funds. The two new fundraisers include the Foster Paws $150 Challenge which will begin February 17th and the Rescue Ride which takes place this year on June 30th. The Foster Paws $150 Challenge is a two-week period during which we challenge our foster homes and leads to raise $150 in two weeks. If you want to participate by making an online donation, the donation must include “In honor of [volunteer’s name] foster challenge” for the volunteer to get credit for the donation. At the end, the person who raised the most money gets a great prize! The Rescue Ride this year will include custom rods along with the motorcycles. It promises to be another great time this year and more information will be provided as we get closer to the event.

When KJay First Came Into Lori’s Care

As if all that isn’t enough, Lori also fosters animals that are in end-of-life hospice care. These are the animals that are too sick or disabled for adoption. She makes sure they have a comfortable and loving end. She also is a foster lead for homes that provide hospice care for animals.

KJay After Being In Lori’s Care

So why does Lori do all this? According to her, “I love animals and making sure they get the care they need, a home that they can call their own, and that their life has meant something to someone. Every animal deserves a home, someone to love them, a warm place to lay their head, a full tummy, the medical care they need, and in the end someone who cared. We have a great team of people who put the animals first above all and work tirelessly every day to accomplish what is needed for the organization and the animals in our care.”

Lori is such a dedicated volunteer and we truly appreciate all that she does for Last Hope and the animals!