Volunteers of the Month: Kayla and Anthony Manning

Julia D Volunteer of the Month

Kayla and Popeye

Kayla and Anthony Manning have been volunteering for Last Hope for about a year and a half after Anthony, who worked at a doggy daycare center, heard from one of their clients about the good work Last Hope does.

Anthony and Olive

They began by fostering dogs until May of 2017 when they foster “failed” with their dog, Popeye (formerly Cooper). During that time they fostered six dogs. Kayla is now finishing up full-time schooling toward becoming a nurse so they don’t have the time to commit to foster at this time but they hope to open their home to fosters again later this year.


In addition to fostering dogs, they also help run the adoption events in Coralville and help out at the Cedar Rapids adoption events when they’re able. They’ve helped with transports, medication drop-offs, and home visits in their area.


When asked why they like to volunteer for Last Hope Kayla said, “We have both always been dog lovers. We both grew up with dogs…and for both of us, they are the best part of coming home at the end of the day. We are both strong rescue advocates, and when we first got involved with Last Hope it really meant a lot to us that Last Hope is a no-kill animal rescue. We chose to volunteer at Last Hope


because we appreciate the time and attention given to finding the perfect family for each animal. The foster program is by far our favorite part of volunteering for Last Hope…to see dogs that have come from neglect and abuse…to finding their forever family and knowing what it’s like to be unconditionally loved is what it’s all about for us.”


Kayla and Anthony live in the Iowa City area with their two dogs, Popeye and Olive, and their two cats, Josh and Dazzle. All their pets are rescues, of course.

“We love all animals and encourage others to consider extending the same kindness and compassion given to dogs, to every animal.”

Thank you, Kayla and Anthony, for all you do for the animals! From opening your home to foster dogs, to spending your free time at adoption events – we appreciate your hard work.