Volunteer of the Month: Becky Harris

Julia D Volunteer of the Month

Becky Harris is somewhat of a newbie at Last Hope but she’s jumped in with both feet and is really making a difference in the lives of the cats at the Adoption Center.

She comes in and cleans litter boxes, cleans cat habitats, gives food and water, administers medication, gives baths (have YOU ever tried to give a cat a bath?!), and does other general cleaning. She also decided the kitties needed a little pampering and made them fleece cushions for their cages. The cats love having a soft place to sleep. Becky also invented a bed for the incontinent kitties so they have a soft place to sleep, too. She took a trip to the fabric store and a few hours later she had it: She made the beds out of vinyl fabric with a way to attach the piddle pads. Ingenious! Everyone deserves a soft place to land, right?

Becky says, “I like volunteering at LHAR because I truly admire the work they do.” The cats are lucky to have such a dedicated volunteer. And the other volunteers are lucky, too because she brings in cookies for them to snack on! Thank you for all the hard work, Becky! And for the cookies!