Happy Tail: Maggie Rhee

Julia D Happy Tails

Josh, Jaymie, Mia, Tatiana, Will, and Jicel fostered two dogs through Last Hope before they decided it was time for a permanent addition to their family. They reached out to our dog coordinator who recommended a dog that was a perfect fit! She came to the family with the name Leia, but her new name is Maggie Rhee.

Maggie Rhee was a young puppy when she came to live with the family but because she had been in a foster home she was already mostly potty trained and knew some basic household manners. They were glad they could get a lot of information about Maggie Rhee from the foster family before adopting. They had met several dogs from area rescues but Maggie Rhee’s looks and personality won them over.

She’s always making the family laugh with her antics and mohawk. Maggie is almost always chewing on a toy and it’s a big day when her Bark Box arrives! She also likes walks, playing fetch, and running with the kids in the yard.

We’re so glad that Maggie Rhee has such a wonderful family to call her own. Happy life, Maggie Rhee!